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Review of ProFoot Plantar Fasciitis shoe inserts

Posted Jun 12 2012 5:44am

In later April I was provided with a free sample of some   ProFoot Plantar Fasciitis inserts .  I have been wearing them consistently ever since and am not ready to report some of my results. 

While I was hopeful, I did not realistically think that some shoe inserts would automatically cure my plantar fasciitis.  And, in fact, these did not “cure” my PF.  I still feel pain in my heels every time I wake up in the morning or stand from an extended time sitting.  PF really does suck.

However, the inserts have definitely helped to make my feet feel better.  My runs are much less painful and I can stand for an extended period of time without the build-up of excruciating pain.  In that sense, I’m very happy to have the inserts and will likely go buy some more.  I saw they are on sale at the Walgreens next to my house.

Multiple pairs –  There were a few things that I realized that would make the experience of using these inserts better.  First, it would be helpful to have a set of inserts for every pair of shoes, or at least one set for running shoes and one set for non-running shoes.

Padding breakdown – My inserts started to loose padding after about a month of regular use.  I probably run harder on my shoes than most other people but I would’ve hoped they would last longer.  So, realize you’ll need to replace them after about 2-3 months.

Wear every day – To get the most out of these inserts, you need to use them every day and in every pair of shoes that you have.  On the few days that I skipped wearing them, the pain in my heels came back quickly.

Overall, I am happy to have gotten these Profoot Plantar Fasciitis inserts.  They really have helped reduce the pain I feel in my heels and they make running (and joggling) much less painful.  I think with another couple months of use my PF just might be completely gone.  Or maybe not.  I guess I’ll just have to find out.

Joggle on.



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