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Rethinking the Freshman 15 – Infographic Friday

Posted Oct 26 2012 4:55pm

I will be the first to admit that I definitely gained the freshman 15 when I went to college. Truth be told, it probably started a little before college. I worked at Jason’s Deli from the time I was 16 until around 20-21ish and having unlimited access to broccoli cheese soup (WHY IS IT SO GOOD!!) didn’t do my figure any favors. Then I went to college and had unlimited access to booze and indulged in way too many late-night food fests at Taco C or ihop. I was the epitome of health (nope, actually I wasn’t. not even close).

Kristen and I were so gangsta! No, no we were not. We were actually going to a dirty south party.

One of my good friends and I actually had a game plan to combat any weight gain. Are you ready for it? It was genius… or we thought it was at least. We would eat “well” (looking back, it probably wasn’t all that well. it could have been worse, but it wasn’t great) during the week, workout every day, hit up the tanning salon to get a healthy glow (HA!), and then take shots of vodka before we went out (clear liquor is better than dark liquor… right?!). We called these kind of days “self-improvement days”. And Kristen, if you’re reading this, I’m seriously cringing over some of the things we labeled as “healthy”.

It took me a long time to figure out what being healthy actually meant and I wish I had paid more attention to what I was doing to my body MUCH sooner than I did. Anyway, that’s a really long intro to this nifty little infographic about the freshman 15. ENJOY!

Rethinking the Freshman 15

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Did you gain the freshman 15? Or were you always healthy?

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