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Relentlessly Positive

Posted Jun 10 2012 6:38pm
Oh the rain is my shepherd it makes me lie with you
back before the moon fell from the sky
now it's sudden death, overtime
in the darkest corners of my mind
and I've lost the thread, I cannot tell a lie

The Pines, Chimes, from the album Dark So Gold

My relentlessly positive Golden Retriever, Annie. (photo credit, Max) 
The other day I was in a conversation with some pals.  One person described a mutual acquaintance as being relentlessly positive. Relentlessly positive, that's pretty cool, don't you think?
I am struck with the concept of relentlessly positive, it actually makes the hair on the back of my neck stand on end.  Is it even possible to be relentlessly positive?  How would it feel to be known as a relentlessly positive person?  What kind of vibes does a relentlessly positive person radiate?  Are relentlessly positive people actually positive all the time or are they just really good at hiding their true feelings?  Maybe I should stop analyzing and just let things be (I tend to do that you know, over analyze, it's been pointed out to me on more than one  occasion that I'm way too analytical, way to curious for reading between the lines).
My key-word image search for 'relentlessly positive' is disappointing.  Google spits out happy faces and little engines that could and cute babies, but nothing that really speaks to me. When I think of relentlessly positive I consider words like resiliency and overcoming adversity. I think of how people make me feel in their presence. I think of friends and acquaintances who share the gift of eternal positivity. Naturally, I think of runners, people like Barefoot Bob, David, the other David, Gwen, Connie, Bill, Melissa, Lovely Linda, and so many others. 

They are runners and they exude positive energy, it pours from their heart, my eyes glisten in the brilliance of their smile, the honesty of their laughter. They are happy people and they are comfortable in their own skin.  They make others shine in their presence. These are the people I choose to hang with, to run with, to laugh with.  If runners are such people then I choose to run.

Who are the relentlessly positive people in your life? Surround yourself with these people, embrace them, breathe in their energy, savour their smile...and at the end of the day you will sleep well and you will glow from within, as they do... as they do.

Random thoughts:

My son Max hooked me up with a shiny new web domain.  Set your browser to  SMR is in the big leagues now!

I will register for the Manitoba half-mary.  I'll run the course, hop on my scooter and zip over to mile 18 to cheer on the real runners. 

I'm about 80% convinced that I'll register for the Toronto Waterfront full-mary in October.  I'm pacing a 4:15 group.

Mark your calendars... Ted's Run for Literacy is on October 21.  We need volunteers and runners.  We would love for you to join us.

Rumour has it SMR will have a guest blogger in the coming weeks.  Stay tuned.

Have you discovered quinoa yet?  Oh man, it's amazing food. Jennifer makes these little quinoa nuggets... golden brown on the barbecue, with a salad and a side of vegies... to die for!

Speaking of relentlessly positive, go to Shut Up and Run   where you'll find the answer to the age old question, do ballerinas fart ?

15 more days until vacation time, but who's counting...  ME!

Wine alert... La Crema, Sonoma Coast, 2010, Pinot Noir... it's a good thing.

As always, friends, runners, walkers, swimmers, belly dancers... damaged, hurt, injured, sad... look for the relentlessly positive people in your life.  Be them and remember, it is a good day to be alive, yes?

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