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Reindeer Run 5K – 14 degrees

Posted Dec 06 2008 11:52am 1 Comment

I ran the Reindeer Run this morning. It started off a little rocky. I was lazy last night and didn’t prepare my stuff. I also woke up late so I franticly ran around trying to find warm clothes to wear since it was so cold out. Here is what I wore.

  1. Running briefs (Black)
  2. Long John underwear (Blue)
  3. Running pants (Back)
  4. Running Sweats (Gray)
  5. Short Sleeve running top (Gray)
  6. Long Sleeve Running Top (Gray)
  7. Xbox Sweat Shirt (Grey)
  8. Fleece zip top (Grey)
  9. Gloves (Gray)
  10. Two pair of socks
  11. Gloves (Gray)
  12. Xbox Stocking cap (Black)
  13. Sunglasses (Black)
  14. 1/2 a pack of cigarettes (Just kidding)

I left at 8:30 and registration closed at 9:15 so I had to get moving. I reach lake Harriet but parking was nuts with the snow, the streets are narrow and full of residential parking and everyone else trying to find parking. I finally just turned down a side street found a spot and started running to the starting line. It was about a half mile away so it was a good warm up. I found out I was in the wrong line twice for picking up my number. I find got my number, wrapped my T-shirt around my waist and headed for the starting line. The race started a little late. There was so many people it was this mass wave of people when it finally started. The first couple 100 yards people just walked because you couldn’t run. I had to do a lot of dodging to find an open spot to run. It took probably a full 1 K before that happened. I actually wasn’t that cold because of my pre warm-up run and so many people around me. Also I was bundled up so much. It was weird running in all those clothes. It was more of a jog with a huge amount of people in funny outfits. In the distance I saw this huge present running. I caught up to him and he just had a little hole to see out of. This huge cardboard box. There were lots of elves, Santa’s, Reindeer ears and other fun outfits. The one I got the kick out of was a girl who wore what looked to be a Santa girl nighty over her running clothes. I finished the race pretty strong for me. I don’t know my time because my Nike + crapped out right at the end and didn’t record my time. I’m guessing around 30 minutes. After the race I had to fill up my car only then standing there did I actually realize how cold it was. The race was fun and I plan on doing it next year. Below are some pictures from the race.

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Kudos to you! I did a Jingle Jog 5K yesterday in 15 degree weather. So cold!!
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