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Reducing knee pain and preventing injury

Posted Jul 04 2013 9:44am

Guest author: Dan Schaffer

Knees get worn out and broken down. Knee pain is one of the most common orthopedic problems and it is caused by many different things. Sometimes surgery is necessary to rebuild a knee especially after an injury. But other causes are just from overuse or weakness. Nevertheless, proper exercises and stretches for knee pain should be done on a regular basis if you have recently had surgery or if you have been suffering from knee pain.

Muscles tightness can cause significant knee pain as the muscles in your legs will pull and tug at your joints. Therefore, it is very important to keep those muscles stretched in order to relieve some of those tight joints. How can you tell if your legs are tight? Try to touch your toes. If you can’t get anywhere close, you definitely need to stretch your legs out. Try doing some simple quad stretches for tight muscles at the front of your leg or hamstring stretches for the muscle in the back of your thigh. Calf stretches will also relieve pressure on your knees.

Stronger muscles surrounding the knee are less susceptible to injury. This makes it important to maintain strong, healthy legs in order to prevent knee pain. The focus for knee rehabilitation and exercise is primarily surrounding the quadriceps, hamstring, and the calf muscles. If you have had an injury in the knee before, these muscles are likely to be weaker than they should be. Some simple exercises that are good for exercising and strengthening these muscles are step ups, leg raises, or even the stationary bike.

If possible, try swimming everyday to build up your leg muscles and stretch them out. The water will relieve pressure on your joints while adding resistance to your muscles. This will stretch your entire body out all while providing a good exercise to your legs at the same time. Special fitness pools allow you to workout specific areas of your body and provide rehabilitating qualities if you have access to one. Typically, to maintain a strong set of legs, you should stretch and strengthen at least 3 times a week. Stretching should be done everyday if possible, or even more than once a day. The combination of these strengthening and stretching exercises will prevent injury and build up a weak knee. But, if you’ve recently injured your knee, these exercises are even more important as they will help you get back into the things you love to do pain-free.

Stretch. Strengthen. Repeat!

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