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Recipe: running fuel on the cheap.

Posted Nov 28 2011 5:22pm

Runners opinions are across the board when it comes to how to fuel on long runs, races, etc. However, you will find a large majority who eat a pretty standard pre-long run breakfast. It usually involves carbs and often involves nut butters.

Now, nut butters run the spectrum between quality and price. All the fancy ones do taste delightful, but my bank account balks at the $7 a jar + price (so does my husband). Thus, I try to make my own when I can. It’s easy, it’s cheaper and it’s usually more delicious.

Here is a simple and easy recipe for homemade nut butter with a bit of seasonal spice.

Perfect in oatmeal, perfect on toast before a long-run, perfect by the spoonful for an afternoon snack.

Recipe: Homemade Winter Spice Nut Butter

Makes enough for you and a BFF.

1. Go to your local Target, eye the Christmas candy, resist urge to buy candy, stumble upon seasonal nut tins, purchase Planter’s Winter Spiced Nuts.

It's like savory Christmas Candy.

2. Drive home and preheat your oven to a toasty 250 degrees F.

3. Spread out the nuts on a sheet pan. (I also added in the remnants of a bag of almonds that I had).

4. Put pan in oven for 5 minutes. As these nuts are already roasted, you are simply trying to warm them up to release some of the oils. This makes the buttering process much easier.

5. Allow the nuts to cool slightly. Then, place everything in your food processor.

6. Turn on the food processor and let it do it’s magic. You may have to scrape down the sides a few times but after 5-10 minutes you will have this – also known as, deliciousness.


Comparison to a jar of almond butter I bought a few weeks back that was probably around the $7 mark. For the same price, the tin of Planters yielded a jar and a half of nut butter.

Fuel! Let's go run!

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