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Posted Oct 26 2012 4:25pm
Okay - this one's for the REALLY?? file (or maybe it's just me... I don't know - you be the judge!) .....

So, I go to the foot doc to pick up my custom-made orthotics (not that I want them, but they've been ordered and are supposed to be 'just what I need' in spite of my thinking that the foot doc totally did NOT get what the problem was when I saw him back in July).

As we enter the exam room, the tech is looking at my 'cute' shoes (her words), my Saucony Kinvaras. I say thank you and begin to explain how I moved into a minimalist shoe for closer-to-ground-running. I mention biomechanics. She's nodding as though she understands.
She asks:  Did you talk with Dr. Foot (pseudonym to protect the innocent) about barefoot running?
I can tell from the look on her face what the general position is....
Me:  No, didn't feel it was necessary. (Afterall, I'm not running barefoot. I've got a 4mm drop, thank you very much.)
Tech:  Well.... (she launches into a dissertation on why people should not run barefoot, except on grass)... I hear:  blah, blah, blah, blah.... The tech begins SHOVING the new (hard) orthotics into my Saucony Kinvaras. I swear I can hear my poor shoes groaning.  :(  The orthotics don't fit. She pulls them back out and proceeds to rip my shoe liner out. Hmmmm....

Using my shoe liner as a template, she cuts the orthotics and starts again, all the while saying:  "You may need to get new shoes if these don't fit. They need to be bigger, wider."  Now I'm smiling a small smile, thinking: "Lady, you've lost your mind." My smile is to hide my irritation.  Instead, I say, "At $150 a pop, I don't think that's likely." She pauses and looks at me.

Tech: "I'm just saying."  

 Backstory:  didn't like my first visit w/ this foot doc. He seemed to have NO clue what to make of my biomechanical concerns AND questions. While I was talking pronation, supination, flexion, ankle rotation and alignment, and knee involvement to help improve my running gait (and possibly pace?), he was talking bunionsREALLY?? "But wait," I said, "look at this picture I found in this running book..." Nope, he couldn't be bothered with it. We did agree that my midfoot is dropping, which is partly why my toes curl up in a comfortable position - which my husband finds incredibly funny (and weird!).  Back to the exam room and the overzealous tech .... After trimming the orthotics to fit, she SHOVES in again, and says: "Now, you will need to wear these for an hour today, then two hours tomorrow, then three hours the next day..."

Irritated, I interrupt:  "Not going to happen. These are my R.U.N.N.I.N.G. shoes. I only wear them when I r.u.n."

Tech:  Oh! ... You run in these?Okay, come on. I realize I'm not slim and trim, not built like the running mags' cover pics, but geez... did you not hear the first five minutes of our conversation? These orthotics are for my r.u.n.n.i.n.g. shoes - only.  Tech:  Oh.  Well, how long do you run?Me:  Depends on the day, the run... maybe 40 minutes... maybe an hour or two....Tech: Oh, well then, you will need to take these (the shoe liners) with you, and wear a ... you know, fanny pack or somethng... and stop and put them back in after 20 minutes. It'll be a pain in the neck, but worth it... I promise.Again, I smile a small smile [thinking:  She really does NOT get it, does she?]Me:  Well, thank you for your time. I will do my best to break them in. Tech: We'd like to see you back in 30 days. Me: [thinking: don't hold your breath and saying: How about I call you to schedule that next appointment?]And then... I'm out the door. I've now worn my running shoes (yes, to the grocery store and around the house) - with the awful orthotics - feels like a whole extra foot in there, crowding my poor feet in my minimalist running shoes that barely leave room for SOCKS(!).... for two hours. Verdict? While they do feel 'snug' and supporting my falling mid-foot, they are squishing the daylights out of my little toes (4 and 5).  Sigh.... Note to self:   Still need to find a foot doc who IS a runner, who specializes in sports... something, because Dr. Foot just doesn't get it. And... I need to give these new orthotics a try....  "You might need new shoes" REALLY?    
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