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Rate BU?

Posted Dec 24 2010 12:00am

My coworker knows I went to college at Boston University.  He told me one day he was on the T and peered into the Metro and saw an article entitled Backlash intensifies over .

He asked if I had heard of it, an I felt out of the loop because I hadn’t!  It didn’t surprise me because there are a lot of sites out there like or even how facebook had started out.  In a 7 News Article , the founder of Rate BU, Justin Doody, said he was inspired by the movie The Social Network .  The website has pictures of women from BU and anyone, not just a student at BU, can sign up to rate these women.  The pictures aren’t necessarily sent in by the women, so as you can imagine many of these women were not too happy.  To me it’s kind of scary to think of that this can be done.  But Justin had asid “Once you upload a photo, you lose the rights to it. It’s a very gray area of the law that hasn’t really been talked about yet” ( 7 News Article ).  This is the reason why you should limit what is posted online!

Personally, I don’t think this will be as big as Facebook or other social networking sites such as LinkedIn, where you can keep in touch of friends or build your professional profile.  If it were, then I don’t know what I’ll think-to be so concerned about if you are hot or not seems like a bad direction for us to go.  Maybe if the site developed more into rating people in terms of their professional experience or their talents.  But I guess that is what LinkedIn is.  Or would it be more of a type of site?  Who knows!  I guess we’ll see where this site develops or the similar.  Justin had said wanted to do something funny and just see where it went, so this joke might turn into something profitable or may turn into just another website that fades away.

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