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Random Pics and Tips

Posted Dec 10 2012 9:48pm

Tip #2. How to salt and pepper your food properly

The makings of mushroom risotto!!!! 
 ALWAYS salt and pepper as you go, so salt the mushroom mix, then salt the rice. If you have more than 2 pots going at a time, salt and pepper them all to taste so at the end you when you mix them together for the finished product you don't end up with a huge pot of tasteless food that you have to add a cup of salt to taste properly. 

Also, if you are making pasta PLEASE, people please salt thh water prior to boiling, It't your only chance to salt it. It should salty like the sea. And PLEASE don't over cook it. Al Dente Por Favor:) I'm Italian, this is a very important subject for me! 

I'm very serious about food! seriously!!!! 

Tip #5 How To Not Make Your Self Insane
Don't give your kids giant sippy cups full of hot cocoa, whip cream and sprinkles regardless of how lovely it seems at the time. 
Just trust me. 

We ended up with a busted lip, cocoa all over the furniture and about 300,000 tantrums. 

Just trust me! 

Hope you enjoyed my tips and tricks!!!! 

Happy holidays beautiful people!!!

P.S. I have so many delicious recipes, fashion posts at 7.5 months pregnant, yes I actually still have something to wear and some amazing guest posts coming up.  

I'm excited!!!! And I am so glad to back to blogging full time. It really does make me happy!!!!  

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