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rain, rain go away and A GIVEAWAY!!!

Posted May 25 2011 12:00am
I have no idea how the weather is where you're at but's like the end of the world.  The rain is relentless.  I was hoping to run outside today, so I didn't pack a gym bag.  The rain made me all sleepy anyway so, I opted to take a rest day. Plus, the pulled glute muscle has been bugging me.  It mades it hard to sit down.  Ugh, annoying.  It doesn't hurt while I'm working out, just when sitting, mostly.  So like a lazy person, I opted to make some homemade mac and cheese and it turned out fabulously!  Ryan and I (oh, and Gizzy) devoured it.

Gimme the cheese.

Several parts of main roads were flooded and the ditch behind my nanny fam's house was like a little lake: See how half a tree is immersed in water??  It was about 2 feet taller by the time I left today.
People have been making Noah's Ark jokes all ay long.  Rain, will you EVER stop?  Tomorrow is supposed to be just as lovely.  Boo.  Treadmill and I have a date, apparently.  Off topic, poor Ry had to get 5 fillings today and his whole left side of his mouth is numb.  He feels fine but it's a weird feeling, I know.
I can't thank you guys enough for your awesome responses to yesterday's post.  Missed it?  Here ya go: .  I loved one of the comments made by:  Rach@Girl On the Run .  She said that she feels all endurance athletes have Type A personalities.  I never really considered I had a type A personality, until now.  I definitely think I have the tendencies when it comes to the sport.  What are your thoughts on it?  Do you feel like you're a Type A?  Have you found runners to be lumped as a certain type of person in general?  I'd love to hear your thoughts on this and possibly do a future post on it!
In other news, I found this article interesting and sad for Detroit (though at one point we considered the fattest city in the US) :  Fittest Cities in The US .  Minneapolis was deemed the most "fit"  and SF was ranked #6!  All the more reason to move there, no?  ;)  Look at the list and let me know how your city ranks!  Detroit was #46, ughhh.  
And to prove I really have NO willpower, last night Ryan suggested we go get Dairy Queen (see why we work as a couple??)  I instantly fell in love with this baby: Double fudge cookie dough
Gahhh, it was amazing.  I've had regular cookie dough, but never double fudge and it put reg. cookie dough to shame.  I told Ryan I loved it about a zillion times.  Between that last night and the mac and cheese today, I only have to run 342342343 miles to burn them off.  Whoops.  No worries, I was getting in a good workout with the kiddos today playing their new fav game, "toss me in the air".  25 lbs x 2 is a good workout!  One of them kept squeezing my biceps, which I can only assume means he liked my guns and was insanely jealous, no?  Hey, a girl can dream....
Alright, onto the most important part...the giveaway!  whoooo!!  If you missed my product review the other day, read it here:  Allied Medal Displays product review .  The people freaking rock and are letting me give one away to one of you awesome people.  One of your choice.  FREEEEEEE is good!  Here's mine (in case you're too lazy to read the review).   Sooo pretty, no?
They have pretty much any design you can think of - guy and girl friendly!  So here are the rules:
1.  You MUST be a follower of this blog (1 entry)
2. Link this giveaway to your blog (1 additional entry)
3.  Don't have a blog?  Link to your FB or DailyMile and let me know - I don't do twitter, so that's why I'm not including that.  (1 additional entry - only if you don't have a blog).  
4. Go to the Allied Medal Displays website Allied Medal Displays  and tell me which one you like most (1 additional entry). 

To be fair I'm allowing each person 3 entries only.  Leave a SEPARATE comment per entry.  You'll have until midnight on Sunday, May 29.  I'll choose on Memorial Day, (Monday) May 30 after my 8k race!  
I'm so excited for whoever wins, you'll love it.  I promise!  Don't have any medals yet?  Don't worry, more incentive to enter a race that gives finisher's medals ;)   Good luck!
Questions for ya (you can answer along with your entries):  
-Do you consider yourself a Type A personality?  Do you think runners are typecast a certain way?
-Where does your city rank on the fit list?  Do you think it's a fair assessment?
-How was your wednesday?  Anyone else have crazy weather??

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