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Rain & Snow!

Posted Nov 14 2010 12:00am

I spent the weekend out of town visiting the one and only…STACY! :)

I headed to her place on Friday during the day (yay, day off!) and indulged in friends, Phase 10, marshmallows and chocolate! How does a Friday get better?!

Stacy and I slept in on Saturday morning so the day started out lazy. We did kick it up a notch though! We headed out for a bike/run at about 12:30pm. Stacy was less than gung-ho about this but I talked her into it. We added our layers and headed out into the chilly rain. It was raining when we walked out the door but we pulled our hoods up and headed out (Stacy biking, me running). I am so glad we did!

It rained for the first 5 minutes of the bike/run and then it let up to be just a haze. We headed over the Lake Michigan and explored some of the trails along the river.

We had fun! Even though it was really foggy it was rather pretty! The weather looks a lot crappier than it really was. It was drizzling but in th 50s. However, by the time we got back home we were ready for a hot shower! We made it 5:36 miles with a pace of 9:38. Not bad considering we stopped for pictures and random phone calls along the way. It was a really nice, leisurely run!

After our physical activity we prettied up and headed out to do what girls do best…shop. We also did was girls do worst…shop without actually buying anything. We are awesome!

More to come…I still have the photos from Sunday to flaunt! We made egg biscuits and monkey bread – it was amazing and  may or may not have a cavity!

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