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racing day, it's (almost) racing day !

Posted Aug 28 2009 8:04pm

Tomorrow I'll be running possibly the most boring race of my entire career thus far, haha. The First Annual Tanger Style "Gets Fit For Families" 5k, benefiting the Conway Medical Center Foundation.
I went to pick up my packet today and asked to see the course map. I kid you not, three full laps around the outlet mall by way of the parking lots and roads. 3.1 miles of parking lot. Don't you wish you were running with me?

This will be one to blog about, no doubt. I will even bring my camera. The upside to this race is that it is literally a 5 minute drive from my house (I don't have to wake up before the sun for once), and every finisher gets a medal. I know what you are thinking "seriously, a medal for finishing a measly 5k?", but after 20+ minutes of parking lot, I feel I deserve the medal. Plus, as you may recall, I am a medal wh*re. Just calling it as I see it :) I LOVE the race bling. (it's ok to admit it folks, I KNOW I'm not the only one...)

Anyway, a quick update on's going pretty well. History isn't nearly as scary as I once suspected (although the grading of the midterm essays still makes me shake in my boots), and is actually turning out to be an interesting class (the professor lectures very well). And of course, I'm just fascinated by exercise phys, only 3 classes in. I'm soaking up the info like a dry sponge!

I ended up getting a part time on campus job that I'm really excited about. I am an assistant in the Smith Exercise Lab. I get to do everything from paper work and data entry, to assisting with body composition, bod pod analysis, VO2 max testing, any research projects that are going on, etc etc. I'm very excited to have been given this opportunity!

I apologize for not staying up to date with everyone else's blogs at the moment, but we are all still trying to get used to the "back to school" routine here in my house! It's been crazy, as the sink full of disgusting dishes I finally just cleaned out would confirm.

So stay tuned for tomorrow's race report...this should be a good one!
Happy running my friends!!
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