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races, places, rambling, and A WINNER!

Posted Jul 09 2013 9:42pm
Hi! Hope your week is going well. It was a hot, hot, hot one today followed by a thunderstorm. However, the storm cooled it a bit and Ryan and I took the chance post-rain to do an easy peasy 5k.
Though it was cooler, we were both sweatttttyyy by the end of it. That's when I'm grateful that Ryan runs too.  No judgement of the sweaty, stinky mess you become in the summer.

However, the other day my run ended with a welcome rain shower. I gladly took it! a few little rain drops in the summer are A-okay in my book.
Let's talk races first. Ryan and I are doing a 15k this saturday with the other Megan and her hubs. My dad is doing the 5k there. I've heard it's hilly. It's supposed to be hot. Our main goal? DON'T DIE. I've only ever done one other 15k and I ran it in November on a flat course. So, I probably won't run that same time this weekend. Totally okay with me. Ryan and I actually said we may try to just stick together for it. We did this for Bayshore more or less and it worked really well as a motivator. For the longest time I didn't want to run with Ryan. I wanted to be faster and to just do my own thing. Now? I don't mind. Maybe because I'm putting less pressure on myself. Maybe because I find I actually enjoy running when I just run and don't make a huge deal out of it. Ryan definitely helps me have that relaxed nature before races if I start with him. 
We have loose goals, but we said our main goal is to just run it and try not to let the heat kill us to the point of having to walk. I just really want to run it stronger and feel better than I did for the 10 miler. I've been taking runs easy recently (as you may notice from the two garmin pics). I would rather run at an easy pace and feel good then run hard and fizz out because of the heat. I know, rocket science, right there.  Either way, I'm just happy to have a race on the schedule.
Onto places! We went to Toronto and Niagara last week and had a blast! Niagara was breath-taking.
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