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Race Review & Recap: Susan G. Komen 5K 2011

Posted Mar 09 2011 5:14pm
This review and recap will be short and sweet. Just like this race event! I don't have a lot of time to blog and blog hop these days since I have my hands full (read post before this one to know why =) ).

We arrived just 20 minutes before gun start and was trying my best to look for my team for a quick group photo but couldn't find them. =(

Anyway, the crowd was a bit overwhelming!  But in a good way.  It was very well attended and seeing so much PINK got me all fired up. Haha!

 You can never wear too much pink!

I was determined to do a sub-30 this time.  I think I exerted too much effort during the start of the race especially climbing that first hill just a few meters from the start.  But I'm happy and proud to say that I ran that hill.

Not sure though if that was a good idea coz I got really exhausted after.  The sun was also out.  Nice weather but my body heated up right away.  Had to take off my singlet half way coz I felt I was overheating.

I also felt like puking.  Weird.  Never happened to me before.

So did I do a sub-30 5k?

 Checked my garmin and saw that it was time to start kicking it.
Sprinting towards the finish line. Can see how much I wanted the sub-30?

Well, I thought I did.  My garmin recorder 29:39...but my results recorded...30:00.
Bummer!  Usually my garmin is always the one that records the longer time during my race events.  Not this time.  Ugh.  really sucks.  Yes, still a 4 minute PR.  But still... =/

I constantly have to remind myself that in spite of this big let down, I still had an awesome day!   No hassles.  Lots of parking, port-a-potties, 2 hydration stations, and lots of post race food and water.  So nice to see a lot of people get together for a great cause. And for that, my rating for this race event is 5 Hot Legs!


I read a comment online that he/she is upset coz there were no finisher's medal. *rolls eyes* 

Participating in this event made me realized how blessed I am -- I don't personally know anyone who has passed on because of breast cancer, but I do know a lot who have battled this awful disease and survived.  Yes!

Another highlight was my first bloggie meet-up!  Finally got to meet Caroline , her husband, her 2 cute kids and her friend, Rebecca.  See how tiny I am?  Just a few more years her boys will be as tall as me! Haha!

A Sunday well spent indeed!

Click HERE to view more photos.

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