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Race Report: Run with Honor Kids Fun Run

Posted May 01 2012 12:00am

We almost didn’t make it to this one guys! A slam packed week led to late nights that collided with early mornings. The sleep deprivation was adding up big time. Then came the icing on the proverbial cake. We had some friends over  the night before the race, The Run With Honor Kids 1 Mile Fun Run , which led well into the next day. We had a blast, but it made the thought of that 6:30AM alarm on a Saturday seem a little less than exciting. “I’ll just take the girls for a run sometime next week,” my husband pleaded. But we had TOLD them already and they’d been looking forward to this race all week. “I think we ought to give it a try,” I replied half trying to convince myself when I said it.

But when that alarm clock went off in what seemed like just minutes after I had shut my eyes, suddenly my husband’s plan seemed much more reasonable then mine. Still. I figured I needed to make an effort, so I forced myself out of that cozy warm bed and made my way to the bathroom. I nearly turned right back around until the thought occurred to me that it was likely for those little people of mine to wake up within the next half hour anyway. THEY made it to bed on time and I’m sure everybody here is pretty well aware that kids could give a rip about your sleep or lack thereof. So with the chances highly likely that they’d be waking up anyway and the chance of more sleep slim to none, I decided we might as well suck it up and go, tired though we might be, rather than deal with the tears in that same worn out state. Besides, I could always try to get a nap later (Nap? Can you hear me laughing? Good thing I’m such a pushover and easy to convince first thing in the morning). I relayed all of this to my husband, who mumbled something to the effect of, “ok…wake me up in 5 minutes,” before rolling back over. I gave him 10, but wake him I did.

So running on fumes, but running nonetheless, we made it! Here’s our motley crew arriving at the scene…

honor race 003

Some of us are a little excited…

honor race 007

Some not so much…


The race was being run for the Honor Guard and their scholarship fund which meant it was crawling with police officers and firemen and of course, a truck…

honor race 031

And in the eyes of my children, there simply is no finer way to mark the starting line of a race course than with a fire truck! It was a small race, only about a dozen or so kids with mine and my sister’s by far being the youngest.


Before we knew it, it was go time. So my girls took the ready running position. Tiger (3yrs) like this…


Promise. She’s not just playing with the sidewalk or her shadow there. Every time I said, “ok, get ready.” That is what she did, squatted down with her hand out. If you look carefully, you can see she’s actually looking up to the right in the direction of the race director (not in the photo), who was giving the kids their instructions.

As for The Little Miss, well, she’s the big 6 now and she’s showing some significant improvements from this past summer when she was, you know, just 5. Remember this….


tigers5ktrack 066_thumb[2]

Well now, she gets ready like this….


She knows one of those legs are supposed to be bent anyway! Once all the kids were ready, they were off. RunDad ran with The Little Miss whom I hear discussed the running styles of cheetahs versus gazelles and which she should mimic in order to have a successful race pretty much the entire time. I, on the other hand, ran with The Tiger while pushing The Little Ninja in the jogging stroller. The Tiger was full of race strategy talk too. Mostly, she just wanted to run to “the pond”…


You might be familiar with that “pond.” It is also referred to sometimes as a Great Lake, Lake Erie to be exact.

I was pretty proud of my little Tiger though. Barring a few moments of course confusion, she pretty much ran the whole mile. She might not have been the fastest kid out there (actually, she earned the prestigious title of final finisher), but she went just as fast as those little legs would take her! 

It was the end that gave her a little trouble, she wasn’t sure where to go (me either for that matter). Here’s her cousin, who’d already finished, cheering her on and pointing her in the right direction…

honor race 014

Then her Papa tried to guide her to the finish (I’m not sure what happened to his head here)…

honor race 016

She was tired…

honor race 015

Then Papa helped again (still without a head…impressive)…

honor race 017

The she got stuck in between the two timing mats…

honor race 018


honor race 019

And it was a REAL medal, not one of those cheapo plastic ones that they usually hand out at kids’ races. One that was capped off with a cookie, banana, water, a fireman’s hat and a goodie bag filled with coloring pages, crayons, a police badge and I don’t even know what else…

honor race 021

The Little Miss was pretty proud of herself to have finished the 2nd girl overall, ahead of her little sister and her 3 year old cousin and behind the only other girl. Here’s her enjoying her post race “refreshments” nearly as important as the medal in her eyes.

honor race 024

And The Little Ninja? That’s what you really want to know right? How’d The Little Ninja do at her very first race? Well, here’s a shot of her in action just past the half mile mark…


After the race, we all headed over to the playground to wait for RunSis to finish her 5K which she did PRing by a whopping 3 minutes AND breaking 30 for the first time in the process. WOOHOO!!! Rock on RunSis. Rock. On.

All and all I’d say it was a pretty successful day, could only have used just one thing more to make it better… a nap!

'Til next time...

P.S. I’ve got a pretty exciting announcement to make! Keep an eye out Smile

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