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Race Day: St. Pat’s 5K Recap

Posted Mar 19 2011 8:00pm

This morning I ran another 5K.  After running last week’s Ras na hEireann , I realized that even though I love distance running, I also find myself enjoying pushing hard for shorter distances too.  It takes a different mental toughness as you switch from conserving energy in longer runs to using everything your body has to give knowing it only 3 miles.

When I left home it was beautiful and warm, however as soon as I stepped out of my car to go pick up my bib I noticed the wind.  Holy wind = very chilly waiting time.  So thankful that BeckOnTheRun mom and Lauren were cheering us on to hold onto jackets.  I was not ready to shed my layers until the very last minute. 

Unlike last week, I met up with friends today who were running making the race even that more enjoyable.

The start finish line was right next to the state capitol building which happens to be one of the most beautiful buildings in Providence.

I love themed races….you just never know who you will see!


Coming in for the finish……

Overall I enjoyed the race.  It wasn’t the best course but it was fast.  I was just 10 seconds off my 5K PR I set in 2007 so I will not complain.  Not sure if it was the smartest move to be so aggressive with today’s race when I am running a half marathon tomorrow.  Only time will tell.

Today’s Mile Breakdown:

  • Mile 1      8:08
  • Mile 2      8:04
  • Mile 3      7:42 (seriously?  can’t believe it)
  • Mile .12  6:48


I’m Listening:  What is the strangest thing you’ve seen at a race?


Closing Thought: “I tell our runners to divide the race into thirds.  Run the first part with your head, the middle part with your personality, and the last part with your heart.”  -Mike Fanelli, club coach

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