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"I quit smoking, so I can certainly turn down dessert"

Posted Nov 21 2008 4:49pm
It's as quiet as a little mouse in the office right now...great time to think freely and update the blog...

By the way, it's been non-stop chatter in this office since 0700...someone brought in donuts so everyone is completely junked up on sugar and being super super chatty...maybe they'll all go eat a big lunch at some fast food restaurant so that when they come back they'll be over-stuffed and sleepy, ie. QUIET. And no, I thwarted off the donut urge. For 2 reasons, #1 they are full of partially hydrogenated oil, of which I try to not take part in, and #2 hello, I'm donuts for this running girl. (yeah, yeah...I know that logic doesn't explain why I ate the heath bar blizzard I was presented with last night...but that's another story).

Another story for right now. I've got to get a handle on eating. It seems that when I took 5 weeks off to heal, I just kept right on eating like I was running 30 miles a week....and now it's caught up with me. I'm running again, but I'm not sure how long it will take to shed the extra pounds that I acquired without getting my eating in check. So, I'm gonna be super careful on what I eat/don't eat from now on. Or at least from now until 4 June. I'm going to start with cutting out dessert. It's probably my biggest character flaw. I'm addicted to eating sweets after dinner. And it didn't help that i discovered the wonderfullness that is strawberry shortcake...and I think i ate it every night for about a kidding. That's sad. So, unless its some fresh fruit I will no longer eat dessert after dinner. Crap, I just realized that I'm going to my mom's tonight and she ALWAYS has dessert. Time to turn on the will power. I'll just keep telling myself, "I quit smoking, I can turn down dessert..I quit smoking, I can turn down dessert." Heck, if I can quit smoking AND train for a marathon, I can certainly turn down some chocolaty goodness....right????

Training back in effect: ran 3 easy miles last night with T...actually did the run/walk thing...but my pace was horrible. I'm not sure why I was so slow...I didn't feel tired...all I can think is it's the extra pounds I've acquired that are slowing me down...but I'll be fixing that soon enough. Tonight is cross-training. And then 3 miles on Thursday. This weekend I get to run 5 miles (that sounds so silly now...) and I have to keep laughing at myself when I think I'm going to run a marathon in 9 1/2 weeks and I'm basically having to start my training over again...oh well, the cutoff for San Diego is 7 hours and I can do that while I'm sleeping...thank goodness :)
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