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Questions Conceived While Flying

Posted Aug 25 2010 5:39pm

So I read this book about thinking like Da Vinci and there was an interesting exercise suggested. Write down, in one sitting, 100 questions that you have. The idea is that you have to get all 100 done in one sitting. Somehow that is supposed to be beneficial to the exercise.

Anyway, I was on a plane and had a couple hours to blow so I did it. Here are 100+ questions that occurred to me. At some point, I’m going to try find answer to all of them.

1. How does wind form?
2. How do birds, insects, etc. avoid crashing into each other when swarming?
3. What happened before the Big Bang?
4. How much money do I really need to be happy?
5. Will I ever have any kids?
6. What is the best formula for picking a team in fantasy baseball?
7. How do I increase traffic to my websites?
8. How can I create a billion dollar company?
9. How do genes codes for both caterpillars and butterflies?
10. How can I become more important to people?
11. How can I accomplish all my goals?
12. Why isn’t there an itch-free mosquito?
13. How do planes stay in the air?
14. How do amphibians grow back limbs and why can’t humans do it?
15. How can I live until at least 107 years?
16. How can you make animal free meat?
17. How can we make a universal translator for any language?
18. Why do people find centipedes creepy looking?
19. How can I get faster (running)?
20. What causes me to yawn uncontrollably?
21. What is the ingredient in Resses Peanut Butter sticks that I’m sensitive to?
22. Why are caterpillars able to breath under water?
23. How can you make money with the upcoming problems due to global warming?
24. What kind of parasites can affect humans?
25. Is catching fish more luck than skill?
26. What kind of government leads to the happiest population?
27. Would the world be better off without religion?
28. What is the formula for a healthy relationship?
29. How many friendships can a person really maintain?
30. How do you draw realistic looking pictures?
31. What is happening with that mouthwash technology that can stop cavities forever?
32. What is the most significant problem faced by the world today?
33. Could there be a one world government? Would this be good?
34. What are the biggest unsolved mysteries in science?
35. How do you hit a baseball / golf ball farther?
36. How do you forgive people?
37. How can you convince people to not fear technology / science / chemicals?
38. Why is being smart seen as a negative thing in our society?
39. How can I learn to care more about things?
40. What am I passionate about?
41. If I had $20 million, what would I spend my time doing?
42. How do I make trips more interesting and memorable?
43. How can I have better conversations with people?
44. How can I win that SCC election?
45. How can I make more money with my websites?
46. What do I really want to do with my life?
47. How can I spend less time watching TV?
48. What activities are most fun that I’m not doing?
49. What is the best way to become a better golfer?
50. Why don’t we have roads that last a long time without requiring repair?
51. Why isn’t there already cars that drive themselves?
52. How can we replace oil?
53. What is the farthest I can joggle without stopping?
54. Should I get a PHD?
55. How can I get better at remembering people’s names?
56. How can I turn my philosophical vegetarianism into actual vegetarianism?
57. What is the oldest memory that I can recall? Is it real or fake?
58. What can I do to have the biggest impact on the world?
59. How long will people remember me after I’m dead?
60. What is the best original idea that I ever had?
61. Why am I able to accomplish some things and not others?
62. Why don’t I spend more time practicing music?
63. What are ways that I can improve my life?
64. Is there anything about my life that I want improved?
65. How can I clean my smelly running clothes?
66. What’s the best way to deal with wet running clothes?
67. How do I make juggling practice more interesting?
68. How can I become a better pool player?
69. Am I a good poker player?
70. How can I get involved in the development of animal free meat?
71. What would happen if everyone on the planet became vegetarians?
72. Which (if any) animals have self-awareness?
73. Why do I find some people more attractive than others?
74. How do you come up with ideas for dates?
75. What can I do to help find new antibiotics?
76. How can my knowledge of cosmetic science be used to help in other areas?
77. How can I get the cosmetic industry to be more scientifically open?
78. What would it be like to go an entire week without talking?
79. What is it like in Madagascar or Antarctica or South America?
80. How can I get better at throwing darts?
81. Do I want to become a college professor?
82. If I could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
83. How can I make people feel more important?
84. Why can’t we produce batteries that last longer?
85. How would the world be better / worse if I didn’t exist?
86. What is the best way to help improve the lives of poor people?
87. When is it better to not give people a choice in what they have to do?
88. How can we get people to stop wanting to kill each other?
89. Is patriotism bad for the world?
90. How can I quickly learn a new language?
91. How can we make society more fair?
92. What should be the role of government in the lives of citizens?
93. How can I lose enough weight to be under 180 lbs?
94. What are the most important unsolved questions in science?
95. What is the best strategy for dealing with global warming?
96. What are ways that I can keep my brain sharp as I grow older?
97. What solutions in nature can be adapted to solve big societal problems?
98. How can we produce enough healthy food to feed everyone on the planet?
99. What is the best way to reduce crime in the world?
100. How can I most positively influence the world?
101. How can we get salt out of water in the most efficient manner possible?
102. What do I care about?
103. How do I become a better writer?
104. How do bacteria communicate with each other?
105. Why do trees lose their leaves in the fall?
106. What is the best way to reduce energy consumption in the world?
107. How can we help make more people in the world happy?
108. How can we create a mathematical way to communicate hair styles?
109. How can we best stop the negative effects of aging?
110. What do I have to say that is important? What is the most important thing I think?
111. How can I help people to stop biting their nails?
112. What is the most effective way to stop getting cold sores?
113. How can we improve the standing of women around the world?
114. How can we stop cancer from killing people?
115. How can we grow organs for people in the laboratory?
116. What makes me happiest?
117. What would be a perfect day?
118. Why is there so much empty space in the universe?
119. What is the smallest thing that there is?
120. How do planaria regrow themselves after being cut?

What do you think? What are the questions that you want answers to? Leave a comment below.

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