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Question For Ya {8}….

Posted Mar 21 2013 9:15am

I was talking with a few friends the other day about my favorite topic (which in cause you don’t know by now is hygiene).  As I’ve mentioned before, I’m overly obsessive about my hygiene- I take at least two showers a day, wash my hands entirely too often (they’re bleeding 90% of the time…) and can’t stand dirty clothes or sheets.

I’ve always been like this. For as far back as I can remember, I’ve never let my mother, father or grandmother change the sheets on my bed. The bed has to be made a certain way, the sheets must be unwrinkled and pillows shall be fluffed. Every single night-it’s part of my routine. I may or may not insist on PartyDog showering before he gets into bed too…(hey I want my sheets as clean as possible!)

Anyway-now that you know how crazy I am, I do have a question I’m curious to know your thoughts on.  While talking to my friends about hygiene we got on the topic of eating in bed.  The mere thought of eating in my bed grosses me out….crumbs? Food? In my bed? Gross. After asking a few other people, I found that I was the minority here-everyone seemed to think eating in bed was a luxury! I tried my best to hide the horror on my face but….if I ever found a crumb in my bed, I would immediately have to strip the sheets and put on new ones.

So, my question for you this week is:

For or against eating in bed?

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