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Question For Ya {3}….

Posted Jan 30 2013 8:07am

A few weeks ago someone asked me what my earliest memory is-I froze.  Does anyone ever really recall their earliest memory on the spot like that? I’m not sure but it got me thinking about what my earliest memory actually is.

I spent from a few weeks ago until last night trying to sort it out in my head. I had a few memories I kept going back and forth between as to which came first. I finally called my mom last night and of course she knew right away which one happened first. (Mom’s always have the answers to everything-especially mine!)

I was 3 and waking up from an afternoon nap.  I was wearing these purple onesie-footie pajamas and remember feeling really weird.  Our house back then had a long hallway and I distinctly remember walking down the hallway feeling dizzy and just overall off.  When I got to the living room at the end of the hall, I saw my mom sitting on the ottoman and I stared at her for a few seconds-because I saw two of her.  I remember walking over to give her a hug and asking “mommy there are two of you.” I don’t recall anything after that, I just remember those few minutes.

And that’s the story of me waking up cross-eyed and my earliest memory!  I’ve asked a few people about their earliest memory and was surprised that almost every person I asked had a first memory that was either bad or traumatic.  I wouldn’t necessarily call  mine bad but it was definitely traumatic (hello have you seen how thick my glasses are or how big my eyes look in them?).

SO my question for you this week is: what is your earliest memory?

That’s all the nonsense I have for now!

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