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Pushing through tough times

Posted Nov 13 2012 8:51am

Ever have those days when you fight with yourself to workout? The urge to sleep or eat or anything else is much stronger than the desire to workout. Yesterday everything was working against me: a little girl who is now on day 8 of waking up at 4am, the first of three long/early days for me, a headache and feeling tired and cold/snowy weather.

I failed the first fight and actually drove to the gym on my way home from work, realized a nap sounded better and turned around and left. I got home to find out that someone had a different idea, just as I laid down on the couch a certain nonsleeping little girl decided to wake up from nap 1 hour earlier then I expected. Seriously when will she sleep again? I feel like I am back to having a newborn who didn't sleep ever, no I am not exagerating! We were lucky if we got 1 hour at a time.
I am happy to say that things finally fell into place and I won round 2! After I lost the nap, I decided to eat, why not eat when you are tired and not really hungry! Hubby texted me to say he would be home early, so I rethought dinner got my gym clothes together and convinced myself an easy workout was going to happen. Even better I managed my full strength workout with some treadmill speedwork in between sets. Don't you love these days?!

The answer was a few minutes to reset, maybe a snack and then a second chance to get myself moving! How do you convince yourself to workout on these days?

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