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Pure Barre with Nicole and the Grand Opening Party

Posted Feb 23 2013 10:10am

Yesterday was quite the Friday.  Margaret and I got up early to get our 6am Lift.Tone.Burn on at Pure Barre Boston with Nicole.  It was Margaret’s first class and I was excited to show her the world of Pure Barre Boston.  I say the “world of” because you can make it into more than just a studio you go to.  You can tell that there are regulars that go and you can build not only a new healthy lifestyle but also a community within the studio.

PBB with Nicole

In this world of Pure Barre Boston, you can often find cute clothing.  Margaret and I both are eyeing a pair of leg warmers like Nicole’s and Megan’s .  It will give me motivation to go consistently-earn the right to proudly sport super cute Pure Barre leg warmers!  It’s silly how much a reward of cute clothes can actually help me with my workouts but fortunately I know that I’m not the only one.  One of my friends would reward herself with a cute Lululemon item each time she achieved a PR at a race!

The good thing is that I might not need too much motivation to get to the Pure Barre classes.  I already am excited to get there for the what they call Lift.Tone.Burn (LTB).  Nicole’s class yesterday was great for LTB just like the other two classes I’ve been to.  She even included a few moves that I haven’t done before which I appreciated.  However having the other classes being similar doesn’t deter me from wanting to go again.  I find the similarity comforting at times because I know what is coming next.  I can get through the burn of whatever move I am doing, knowing that it is going to end soon.  I just keep my eye on the prize!

You can always work on your strength and flexibility in these classes and see definitive progress since you are doing similar moves each time.  Each class I go to, I always seem to find something to improve upon.  In Nicole’s class, I realized I needed to work on engaging my core more while doing some of the core work at the bar.  As usual, I also was reminded that my hips are weak.  Barre classes are killer for improving this hip strength that I desperately need to become a stronger runner.  My favorite part is probably toning the area everyone wants to tone…the core!  The seated core work is probably some of the toughest core work I’ve ever done!  Beach body abs…here I come!

After class, I felt energized and prepared to take on the world Friday.  Good thing I felt this way because 12 hours later I was at Pure Barre Boston again for their Grand Opening Party!  This time I also brought along my friend Rosemary.

PBB Grand Opening Party

We were so excited to get there that we were actually the first ones there!  We didn’t mind because this also meant that we were the first ones to get drinks!  They had special drinks like the Lift.Tone.Burn Bubbly and the Tuck-tini.  The ladies and I went for the LTB Bubbly because who doesn’t want fruit in their bubbly?

PPB Drinks

In addition to the delicious drinks, they also had a wide array of finger foods that were really tasty.  I really enjoyed the beef satay and the orzo (it had feta in it…who could resist?!).  But, without a doubt, the best part of the food was Pure Barre cake pops!  They were to die for and the Pure Barre cake was absolutely adorable!

PBB Cake

After stuffing our faces…I mean…fueling from our morning burn…Margaret and I were dying to get our hair curled.  Neither of us curl our hair often because it doesn’t stay for long, so we thought this would be the perfect time to indulge.  The stylists were from Kent Salon in Newton .  Kimberly Griffin curled my hair with a special curling iron that worked so well that my hair is still curled today!  Kim was also telling Margaret how she was a “Blonde Specialist”.  I think Margaret and I giggled a bit in disbelief, but her business card actually says “Blonde Specialist”!  Margaret has been needing a stylist that is closer because she makes a trek to Maine every time she wants her hair cut.  Maybe it was fate that we met Kimberly!

PBB Hair Curled

There was also a station to get a massage from Bodywaves Therapeutic Massage but I got caught up in socializing with my ladies and Margaret’s boyfriend who made an appearance.  Rosemary and I said he got major boyfriend points for making it.  I also bumped into Jen from Boston Bachelorette and Kerri from the Urban Guide to Life .  They are hosting a BlogandTweet Pure Barre Boston event next Saturday that I’m hoping to get into!  What would be more fun than LTB with fellow bloggers?!

As far as my future at Pure Barre…I’m a little bummed that I used up my Gilt deal because I’ll really miss the classes.  My plan is to use the deals that I have left for other places around town and then aim for a month of Pure Barre in April.  The little break might even be good because I can gain some more appreciation for and a new view of Pure Barre since I will have had some time away from it!  In the meantime, I’m also going to try to convince some of my friends to join me for this month with the new client deal of a month unlimited for $100.  Are you in?!

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