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Pure Barre Boston with Blog and Tweet

Posted Mar 03 2013 7:20am

Blog and Tweet Boston  hosted a complimentary class at Pure Barre Boston  yesterday.  Blog and Tweet Boston was founded by Jen who blogs at  Boston Bachelorette  and Kerrie from  Urban Foodie Finds .  They founded this group as a way to help bloggers make new friends and explore the city while doing so.  I was pretty pumped that they chose Pure Barre Boston, but how could they not after Jen had such a great experience doing a month of workouts there.

Let’s just say that I was crossing my fingers that I would get into this event because I’ve grown to love Pure Barre so much even after just 3 classes (thanks to a Gilt deal!).  I was actually a little hesitant at first to purchase this deal because it is a little away from direct transportation home and work, but I couldn’t pass up a chance to try a new studio for my new obsession-barre.  I’m so glad I took the chance and bought the deal because the commute isn’t as bad as I had anticipated and I found a new workout that I love!  I just finished my 3 classes and I was craving another chance to get to the studio.  Thankfully, Friday night I found out that I made the cut for this blogger event!

Of course, in typical Jess fashion, I was the first at the studio for this event.  It was okay though because I wanted to get a pair of the  Pure Barre sticky socks .  These days I have been using my  Blake Brody’s  in my classes but Kristina let me have a pair of her sticky socks and I actually liked them.  They also allow for a quick transition to my shoes after class so I can head to whatever my next feat is.  Hey, what can I say?!  I like to be efficient! 

Soon more and more bloggers showed up.  We all started to introduce ourselves to one another and find out about some new blogs out there.  I talked to Rachel at  Healthy Chicks  who I actually met at Blog Better Boston.  It has been great to see how much her business and blog has grown since we last met.  I was inspired!  Jessie from Kissing Frogs  was there and she was my pledge momma in my sorority! Crazy huh?! She helped me and my pledge class get assimilated and provided some humor that I’m not sure some others could have!  Erica from Boston Rookie  also was another familiar face.  I met her at a few of the Boston Brunchers events.  We both love food, blogging and maybe now she also loves Pure Barre!

Pure Barre Boston with Blog and Tweet Boston

The owner Lauren started off class with an introduction and also gave a little disclaimer that if she comes up to touch you, it is not meant to be in a creepy, inappropriate way, but so that you can get the most out of your workout with the proper form.  I loved her disclaimer because it is exactly how I would say it.  Some of the Pure Barre moves might make you feel a little silly at first (like the bridging moves), but if you do them right-they are killer!

Yesterday’s main instructor was Fiona.  She was adorable!  Though…I may be a little biased because she recognized me (and I always get excited when someone recognizes me from my blog). But I legit think she was a really great instructor and super bubbly.  She was attentive to those who needed help with their form.  She came over to adjust my hips when we were at the bar and I saw her adjusting a lot of the other students.  I also liked that her tone of voice kind of changed as you moved to different stages of the workout.  She was more upbeat when talking through some of the tougher parts and her voice became almost soothing as you were cooling down and stretching (hopefully that doesn’t make me sound like a creeper!). 

Pure Barre with Fiona

Fiona was great, but my favorite part of the class was  when Lauren came up and pushed me to go a little lower in one of the poses.  She smiled…and I almost felt like it was an evil smile of love…because she was making me go a little deeper in the pose to push me to go beyond what I thought my limit was.  She also came up towards the end of the class to adjust my foot and make that move more difficult too.  Every time I see Lauren she seems so passionate about her studio and it became even more apparent in the class how much she cares.  It’s refreshing to see a business owner so excited about what they do.

I would say that the Blog and Tweet event was a huge success!  I was pumped to meet some new bloggers and I always love a good lift, tone and burn!  Gimme gimme those nice abs please!!  And maybe I can even work on getting an actual butt instead of a pancake butt!  But in order to get there…you have to earn it…so I’m off to ANOTHER free session of Pure Barre-this time thanks to the Lululemon Prudential team!

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