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Pure Barre Boston 20/30 Challenge 2013

Posted Mar 22 2013 6:39am

I purchased the Gilt 3-class deal for Pure Barre Boston a few months ago.  I was hesitant at first to get it because Pure Barre is off the green line at the end of Newbury Street .  Because I live off of and my work is right off of the red line, this means that I would have to switch lines to get home or to work.  Sometimes after a long day of work, I don’t want to deal with a longer commute, especially with the green line.  But since I have been really enjoying barre workouts, I knew I should give it a try.  YOLO, right?! Oh boy…I can’t believe I just said that…

Well…let’s just say that I think that they must pump drugs into that studio because it’s more addictive than anything I’ve ever tried!

After attending the my , the  Grand Opening Party , Blog and Tweet Boston blogger class , and the Lululemon hosted class , I just couldn’t stop thinking about Pure Barre.  I was really excited that the commute actually wasn’t as bad as I had imagined it and it was nice to get out to the other side of town more often than I usually do.  The only thing that was preventing me from purchasing the new client deal ASAP was that I had so many other deals that I had to use up and I’m in money saving mode (or trying to be).  My goal became to use up my deals so that I could a full unlimited month of Pure Barre and not feel guilty about wasting money on other deals I had purchased.

I don’t know what it is, but I just love a challenge when I do something new!  So I asked the Pure Barre Boston owner Lauren if she has ever done any challenges.  She mentioned that some studios do a 20/30 challenge where they challenge their students to completing 20 classes in 30 days.  The prize is that you get your next month unlimited for $150.

PBB 20-30 Challenge

This challenge is starting up at the perfect time for me.  When I might be getting a little bummed about not running Boston Marathon, I can get really EXCITED about pushing myself to do something new.  I even rounded up a few friends of mine and their friends to join me on this adventure.  We are all pumped to Lift.Tone.Burn (LTB) to our summer bodies!  As their sign says…

PBB-Summer Bodies Made in Winter

(Photo by Kristina )

Well ladies-spring is here so we better get a move on those summer bodies!  This brings me to goal setting.  Going into any challenge, I like to think of what I want to get out of it.   If I don’t set goals, I feel like I can’t get the most out of my experiences.  So here they are!

  1. Become STRONGER!  After getting injured in Boston Marathon 2012, I realized how weak my body actually was.  Yes, I could run pretty fast at times, but running does not equal strong.  In Pure Barre language, this might be going more than an inch lower from day one of this challenge!
  2. Get TONE!  What girl DOESN’T want those nice tone abs and strong arms?!  I want to gain muscle mass and see my strength!  Even though I’ve always been pretty fit, I’ve never had strong arms and a core.  My weak core is part of the reason my hips fell apart in marathon training!
  3. Increase flexibility.  If you watch some of the instructors or other students in the class, they can do a full split.  Someday I want to do that too!  I know that I won’t accomplish this by the end of this month, but I want to make progress.
  4. Build a COMMUNITY!  I love building new friendships and meeting people who are passionate about the same things as me.  I also enjoy meeting people who are passionate about DIFFERENT things because they inspire me to try something new or open my eyes to a world I haven’t seen before.  I already have made some new friends through Pure Barre and am looking forward to building even more relationships.
Note:  During this month, I really want to test how Pure Barre can create great results.  I don’t intend on doing any other strength workouts.  Additional workouts I will be doing include some cycling and running to get my cardio in.  I will also try to practice yoga at least once a week (even if just 20 minutes on my own) to make sure that I do enough hip openers to prevent my hips from tightening up.

Getting 20 classes in 30 days is definitely not going to be an easy feat.  And unfortunately, my job leaves me getting caught up with things at work and not being able to always leave at a certain time each night.  I also am a little crazy because I get stressed out thinking about whether or not I’ll be able to fit in a workout if I leave it for after work.  My solution to this problem is to attend mostly 6 am classes.  I know that I’ll most definitely be tired the first week but once I get into the swing of things my body will get used to it.

I’m looking forward to sharing my experiences which you can find on my Pure Barre Boston 20/30 Challenge page and maybe convincing you to get to the barre with me!  Keep an eye out because I’ll be putting up some features of friends who are also participating with me too!

Raise the barre…challenge yourself to something new!  Join me for the Pure Barre Boston 20/30 challenge!  If you haven’t visited Pure Barre before, you can get the new client deal for one month unlimited for $100.  We can motivate each other and maybe even attend some classes together.  Let me know if you would like to be featured on my page too-maybe it will make you feel a little more accountable!

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