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Pump it Up!

Posted Apr 16 2012 1:43pm
So in my effort to revitalise my fitness and get back into the exercising groove I was perusing my local leisure centre's fitness class schedule looking for something low impact but that would be a good workout. I considered Row Fit and then remembered that I hate rowing, I looked at yoga but I think I fell asleep last time I did yoga which quite obviously is not the point, then I came across Body Pump. Billed as an adjustable weight training class which works the major muscle groups and combined with the amount of people I have seen going on about it on Facebook and Twitter I thought this would be a good class to get myself back into the swing of things, plus I'm rubbish at weight training on my own so it would be good for me.

I went to this class on Thursday just gone, the 12th April, the reason it has taken me 4 days to get this post up is today is honestly the first day I have been able to properly feel and move my arms! I have never been so sore in my whole life, I feel like I've been 10 rounds with Mike Tyson or at the very least taken a pretty decent kicking from the local chav brigade. I should have twigged when I turned up and there were loads of pretty ripped guys with about 20 weights at each end of their bars. I should have really twigged when I saw that Johnny was taking the class. Johnny is a pretty well known character around our leisure centre. He's always smiling and says hello to everyone and always has a few words of encouragement to keep you going. He's also a mentally hardcore martial arts trainer and if he's taking a class you can bet your ass it's gonna hurt.

Once I'd got in there and collared someone to explain to me what stuff I needed I headed over to the weights to select my batch. I first thought I'll take the lightest but when I picked them up they did feel very light so instead I went for the middle ones, just one on each end of my bar, I was planning to ease myself in gently. Wrong! I could have had a feather on either end and I would still be in the state I have been for the last few days. Seriously this class was hard. Not in a sweaty, can't breathe way but in a my arms are going to drop off at any minute way.

I was doing ok for the first half an hour but when we moved onto the muscles on the back of your arms the name of which alludes me (yes I was paying attention) I started to realise how neglected my muscles are and how little upper body strength I actually have. My arms were screaming and I tried to keep pushing, listening to Johnny woo and say only one more which was a big fat effing lie because we did at least 10 more and I swore if I made it through I would never neglect my arms again.

I did make it through and we finished off the session with an ab workout which I'm glad to say I found pretty easy, it seems that I have managed to retain the strength I built up there. When I stood up my arms were actually shaking and for a couple of minutes I had to contemplate if I was actually going to be able to drive home. In the absence of RP though I was going to have to and I made the very slow and painful journey home.

The next few days were spent hanging out with RP and my step son to be Adrian, we went up to Exeter to walk around the Roman wall, took Zac to agility training and spent an afternoon metal detecting down the beach. Every movement I made was agony but I tried not to whinge too much (RP may not agree with that but don't listen to him). I knew I was in a bad way when it started to rain and I was physically unable to put my hood up because just the act of raising my hand above my head was excruciating.

The good news is I am starting to regain feeling, the bad news is I've signed up to do it all again this week. The only bonus and silver lining is I've also signed RP up to come along with me! I have serious respect for people that do this class several times a week, it's definitely not for the light hearted (or weak armed).

On another slightly unrelated not I also have to send some respect, congratulations and big thumbs up to my friend Sally who ran the Brighton Marathon yesterday. It was her first marathon and she completed it in a shade over 5 hours. Well done Sally!
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