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Project Wedding: The Notebook

Posted Jul 27 2012 2:39pm


So many couples spend most of their time planning their reception. If you have been following my project wedding posts, or my twitter feed it probably looks as though that’s all We care about as well. That couldn’t be further from the truth though!

The ceremony is a huge deal for us. It’s where we pledge to devote our lives and love to one another! We are “spiritual” but not at all religious. (does that make sense?!) we want a ceremony that reflects that. Without the prayers about how there are 3 people in our marriage, each other and god. Yadda yadda. We want no part in that.

Instead we want a deeply personal ceremony that reflects us as individuals, as well as, as a couple. (while strictly adhering to the ‘no more than 20 minutes’ rule we’ve set for ourselves.. No one likes a long ceremony. Snooooze) So last month we decided to build a notebook of our favorite wedding passages, our favorite quotes (both wedding and not wedding related)

I call it our book of love. At least once a week before bed we tuck ourselves in, pull out our favorite buddhist and Irish books and of course, the trusty Internet — and go to town writing down our favorites.

I can’t begin to describe how much I love these moments. We laugh over words. We spark lengthy, intellectual conversations about what these quotes and prayers mean to us. We smile as we picture our officiant and friends speaking these beautiful words.

It’s astonishing how something as little as writing words on paper can make the wedding seem so much more real. I can see it now. I can see my uncle Craig giving us an Irish blessing as the ceremony begins. I can see us exchanging vows before my uncle so cleverly pronounces us husband and wife.

I can see it all. I bring the notebook basically everywhere lately. Constantly jotting down ideas and quotes. I find myself reading the words scribbled on pages and tearing up. This little tiny notebook has been my favorite part of this whole ‘wedding planning’ thing. I am excited to see how we decide to take these little pieces of literature and transform it into a personal ceremony designed just for us.

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