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Project Declutter: Step 2

Posted Feb 25 2013 8:03am

GUESS WHAT?! I actually made some progress in organizing my crazy clutter-filled apartment!  Did your jaw drop? It should because me being motivated to organize my life is not something that should be taken lightly-It never happens.

But alas I made some progress in my kitchen!  Now, what you are about to see might be disturbing to you. Once you see these horrifying pictures I am about to show you, there’s no going back.   Sierra , stop reading now if you would like to prevent that heart-attack.

Here we go…

Cabinet #1:  Pasta, canned goods and tupperware.

As you can imagine, I cannot tell you the amount of times I’ve gone crazy and freaked out over some piece of tupperware falling on me when I open this cabinet.  Everything is so stuffed in there that whenever I go to the grocery store I think I need chicken broth when I actually don’t- I found 7 cans of the stuff hidden behind all that mess.


Though it still may look crazy cluttered, it’s organized, trust me.  We have pastas on the left, soup on the right, cooking crap (canned tomatoes, chicken broth, etc.) to the right and spices I use on a regular basis on the second shelf AND all the tupperare is organized on the top shelf.

Cabinet #2: Snacks.

How terrifying is that? I found so much old junk in there it was a little ridiculous.  I’m not sure who keeps buying 5 Hour Enegery’s because PartyDog and I have never even had one but I somehow found 3 in that mess.  I also found some empty tea boxes and some really old and stale pita chips…


(I’m not sure why that picture is so blurry. Instead of being a good blogger and retaking it, I just went with it. Sorry..sorta.)

SO MUCH BETTER! I can actually SEE what is in my cabinet. Please also note that my opened backs now have chip clips on them. I have been meaning to buy chip clips since PartyDog and I moved into together…4 years ago…and I just now got some.  I feel like an adult now.

Cabinet #3: Spices and baking crap.

Another SEE HOW MUCH WE CAN FIT in there cabinet.  I was honestly pretty grossed out when I was cleaning this one. Somehow honey had spilled over the bottom of each shelf and everything was just so…sticky.  Thankfully we have shelf liners in there so I could just scrub it off and threw them back in nice and clean.


Though this still looks nuts, it’s organized (for my tastes). Spices on the left, fancy olive oils and vinegars on the right (I’m a bit obsessed with them), baking junk on the second shelf and misc. junk on the top shelf. The best part is NO MORE STICKY!

Cabinet #4:  Cooking/bakeware.

Another cabinet that constantly gets cursed at for things falling all over me whenever it’s opened.  And don’t even ask me to try and get out any of those baking dishes without offering me a bottle of wine first.


A big sigh of relief happens whenever I open that cabinet now. Most of the things I use on a regular basis (pasta bowls, salad spinner, Ninja and colander are on the bottom shelf.  Baking dishes and mixing bowls on the middle and entertaining stuff on top.  I can’t get over how much more room I have in that cabinet that I originally thought!

Cabinet #5: Pots and pans.

This is a bottom cabinet which means that whenever I actually need one of these items, I typically have to spend about 4 minutes sitting on the floor attempting to find the pan I’m looking for.  Naturally, it’s always fallen somewhere in the wayyyyy back.


Everything I use on a regular basis is right up front where I can easily reach it. My trusty dutch oven it’s it very own spot but I’ve stacked the other pots/pans I use regularly.  That cabinet goes back pretty far on the left side so there’s a few more things back there that I hardly ever use.

I realize they all still look pretty cluttered but for me, it’s VERY organized! I have a lot of stuff and I love to cook so everything I own in these cabinets gets put to some good use.

Now, I plan on never taking anything out of them in fear of them returning to the nightmare they were before….

I have a feeling I’ll be cursing a lot less these days.

That’s all the nonsense I have for now!

How organized are your kitchen cabinets?

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