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Project Baby

Posted Feb 16 2013 10:47pm
Back in the beginning of 2012, having another baby started becoming a regular topic of conversation again. My registration for the NYC Marathon had already been accepted, and I really wanted to run it. We decided that would be the deadline, then we'd try for baby #2.


Knowing the clock was ticking, I tried to pack as much traveling and racing into 2012 as I could. Even though it ended up being capped off by the Soldier Marathon instead of the NYC Marathon, that’s just a minor detail. I still get the warm fuzzies looking back on everything. It was a fantastic year.

After the marathon euphoria wore off, baby fever moved in full force. It’s a tough one to shake, and kind of takes over your life.

First task, get rid of that pesky hypothalamic amenorrhea.

I’ve mentioned it before . Despite maintaining a BMI and body fat percentage in the healthy range and not running crazy mileage (I typically averaged 25-30 miles a week, except in the latter stages of marathon training this past fall), my body is just really sensitive to exercise and it causes my hormones to get out of whack.

Hoping I won’t need the help of a Reproductive Endocrinologist  again, for the past 3 months I’ve been following a grueling regimen……of light jogging (< 12 miles per week) and yoga. For an endorphone junkie, it's not an easy change. But that's what needs to be done for now.

A couple weeks ago my body finally decided to cooperate, and I got a lovely positive OPK. Unfortunately, it wasn’t meant to be this cycle. Today’s CD 1, so moving on.

Well, now you know what's going on around here. I apologize if that was TMI you would have preferred not to know.

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