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PROGRESS!!! Bridesmaid Dresses and Save the Dates

Posted Aug 04 2012 3:39am

I bought my wedding dress at the end of May (which oh my GOSH I keep getting the urge to show everyone i know my dress. But I really want everyone attending to be surprised… so girls, if any of you want to have serious girl talk over wedding dress photos, my email is NeitzelC at Gmail ;) ) but my girls and I have been utterly stuck on the bridesmaids dresses. Trying to find a dress that we all liked, and was in our budget/color scheme proved to be a lot more difficult than anticipated. One thing I was certain of, almost immediately after attending a friend of the husb-to-be’s wedding, was that I did NOT want mismatched dresses. Yes, it can be done very well — but with my luck my girls would end up with 3 different shades of grey and yellow and it just wouldn’t look well. (I swear this is the only time during wedding planning I’ve been remotely picky)

Finally, after what felt like thousands of scavenger hunts across the internet, we found the PERFECT dresses on sale. To me is totally expensive for a dress (What, I’m cheap!) But, apparently in bridesmaid dress land it’s hella cheap.

But, come on.. Get to the Dress porn, right? Okay okay… (cue drum roll…)

It’s the best of all worlds, really. It’s “tea” length, it has both grey and yellow in there. Although the grey is a bit lighter than I originally had in mind… A lighter grey rather than a charcoal isn’t the end of the world (and makes shopping for table covers that much easier. Charcoal tablecloths. Google it. It’s friggin impossible to find a cheap-o one!) Anyways, rambling… The girls can wear it as is, add a sweater or jacket, we can even add sleeves — whatever they want. I don’t want them to all look like little picture cut outs. They can totally jazz it up to look like themselves and feel comfortable! My favorite part is the pockets though… Can I have those installed into my wedding dress? haha

That’s not it though!!! We also received a proof of our Save The Date design and PLACED OUR ORDER!!! They should be here within about 6 weeks. Giving just enough time to address them all (by myself because Zack’s hand writing is worse than chicken scratch) and get them in the mail just before the holiday season! :D

I wasn’t going to do a sneak peek of the save the dates, but I JUST CAN’T HELP MYSELF. I’m awful at keeping this wedding stuff a secret. I’m just too darn excited. Besides, the only people who will see this is both of our parents, who have already seen a picture of the proof! ;)

I really love our save the dates. We went with magnets. I immediately thought of magnets for STDs when we started really talking wedding. They stick on your fridge, and you can’t help but look at them every time you go to open it. Also, Do you know how easily I lose mail? I lose paper like its my job. It gets lost in the sea of papers in our very disorganized desk drawer. I’m sure we can’t be alone in that. So — MAGNETS! Stick them one place, they never move. ;)

The design is completely 100% perfect. There really isn’t a ‘theme’ to our wedding, but if there was — it would be MUSIC. We are both music junkies. Addicts. Can’t breathe without music. Our wedding playlist has more and more ADD every single day. We love it all. :)

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