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Professing my love…

Posted Feb 12 2013 3:29am

…for Trader Joe’s .

But let me back up, first.

Friday, my friend came to visit on her way back from DC and we stopped for dinner at one of our favorite restaurants , Papermoon Diner. It’s on DDD so it has to be good, right? In all seriousness though, this place is not only so unique but their food is just amazing.

I mean, who wouldn’t want to dine with this guy?


The big special of the night was the red velvet pancakes. Holy yum. I really wanted them but I figured that it was probably not the smartest decision to get as a pre-meet food so I went with a “safer” option (and by safer I mean better fueling with protein, not safer as in healthier): a massive bowl of pasta and grilled chicken. It was almost as good. Almost.

what I really wanted

what I really wanted

what I got (minus the creamy alfredo sauce)

what I got (minus the sauce)

It was delicious. At first I was a little upset that they had sprinkled cheese on top (I like my pasta plain with salt and a teensy bit of butter. I’m weird.) but I wasn’t about to send it back so I ate it and it was amazing. The chicken was moist- I know, that’s a gross word but it’s the best way to describe it- and not dried out at all. I didn’t think I could eat the whole plate because it was huge but I must have been hungry because I ate every last bite.

And then I couldn’t leave with dessert, obviously. That’s pretty much what they’re known for.

sea salt caramel milkshake. Heaven.

sea salt caramel milkshake. Heaven.

Overall I’d call the night a success. It was awesome being able to spend time with Hillary again catching up especially since my roommate was away kicking butt at conferences for swimming so it gave me someone to have dinner with. A win-win situation if you ask me!

People must have really loved me this weekend because on Sunday night a few of the distance girls (including Christine) came over to make dinner. We made some Trader Joe’s pizza and my god it was good. I bought the wheat crust and it came out really good. We didn’t cook it long enough so it wasn’t crispy but it still tasted awesome. It had a slight honey-wheat flavor to it which isn’t my absolute favorite and nothing compares to my dad’s pizza but it was pretty close.


Plain cheese for the pickyrunner ;)


hard at work making salads and munching on veggies

Oh, and I finally gave in and tried some of this:

yes, we did eat it by the spoonful

yes, we did eat it by the spoonful

Once you try it, you’ll never go back.

Do you like to eat different things every day or do you eat the same thing everyday?

This was a big week of being a foodie for me! I didn’t eat the same thing once this weekend.

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