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Product Review: BugBand Wrist Bands

Posted Jun 29 2013 5:00am
It’s funny living here in NE Wisconsin that you never really know when spring will formally get                                                                                                       here. At the time of this writing it is mid-June and it finally is getting to what I would consider warm weather. We have had a number of cooler to cold days or morning still this late into spring. The good thing about this is that many of the bugs have not be out yet or at least for very long. So when I was contacted months ago from the people of BugBand to review their products I really didn't know when that might happen. They seem to understand as at least the person I was dealing with was from Minnesota and they appear to deal with the same every year. So finally I have had the opportunity to field test their products.

The company describes their BugBand wrist bands as:
A good choice for recreational and lighter-duty applications, the BugBand wristband comes in multiple colors, including Individual wristbands are available in olive green , blue , yellow , red , pink , black , orange , purple , glow-in-the-dark and a Family 4-Pack . The vapors from the plastic BugBand wristband form a protective shield around the immediate area, keeping insects a safe distance away. While many repellents are easily diluted or rinsed off with swimming or perspiration, the wristband just keeps working, up to 120 hours. It’s packaged in an innovative reusable plastic “pod” to store the wristband and it can be sealed between uses to preserve the active life of the product.

The plastic wristband is designed with a patented break-away strap that snaps if it becomes entangled. It can also be worn on belt loops, hatbands, pet collars, fastened in tents, attached to baby carriages or applied to other areas where insects could be a problem.

The company sent me a sampling of their products. To me the most interesting and needed was their BugBand wrist band. I know personally I never can apply spray or cream on everywhere and or in an appropriate manner. Those pesty bugs always seem to find the exact spot I missed. What I need is something that will be easy, quick to apply an effective. So for the past few weeks I have been wearing the BugBand wrist band to all of the kid’s soccer games and when sitting out on the back deck.

For us up here in Wisconsin we do have a fair amount of pesty bugs that seem to hover and swarm around you. Especially like knats that just hang there during outdoor events. This always seems to be the case at the soccer games. Recently at an all-day soccer jubilee we got to the field at 10am on a warmer and muggy day. As soon as I sat down a swarm of those nasty little bugs began to hover over me. I took the arm with the BugBand wrist band on and waved it though the swarm. That was the last that I saw them the rest of the day. Similar things have happened over the weeks were if I had the wrist band on I noticeably was not bothered by bugs while I was wearing it.

The band is very light and easy to wear. With the protection lasting 120 per band that is a lot of use and protection. It is a regular add on or piece of gear for my walks or runs at this point as well. I simply keep it in the retail package between uses and pull it out when needed. We've even began to keep one or two in each of the kid’s soccer bag so that we will never for them.

If you are looking for an effective and easy to use product I highly recommend the BugBand product. The family and I are even beginning to try out their other products as well with the same results. So look for these great products and keep those pesty bugs off of you this summer.
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