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Product Review and Giveaway: FrogFuel

Posted Jul 12 2013 5:00am
Recently I was thinking about what if any fuels or gels would be a part of my training this year. With the longer training runs and races in the future I wanted to at least consider such a fuel this time around. My biggest worries about such items is the taste and what if any intestinal issues they may cause. So I have been researching the various Gels and fuels over the last month or so. As luck would have it I recently was contacted by a company I was not familiar with to try their new Frog Fuel.
 This is a little about the Frog Fuel product and company:
Alex and Jeff met in 1997 in San Diego while stationed at SEAL Team-1. They became quick friends and have since operated together worldwide on various missions for various organizations. Unsatisfied with the standard nutrition available Alex and Jeff created FrogFuel as a world-class supplement for operators.


·         Product Quality: Professional Grade. FrogFuel is the same medical-grade protein used by health care professionals in various fields including wound and post surgical care. It’s a complete protein with all amino acids that has been fortified and enhanced.
    Effectiveness of Product: Immediately Effective and Efficient. FrogFuel is broken down with an enzyme during production allowing it to be absorbed in its entirety rapidly by the user. Collagen protein provides support to skin, muscles, joints, hair, and even teeth. Convenient: Minimal Size, and Ease of Consumption. FrogFuel is super-concentrated allowing for 15 grams (all bioavailable) of protein in 1oz without mixing on demand.
FrogFuel is a protein supplement designed for optimum bioavailability and nutritional value to help YOU achieve unquestionable results. Please read below to understand why FrogFuel is truly a superior performing protein product.

FrogFuel liquid protein starts working immediately at the cellular level to increase strength, prolong endurance, and accelerate recovery.

FrogFuel Is a Patent-Pending Complete Collagen Protein and FDA Qualified Medical Food
The patent pending formula includes enhanced amino acids and taurine for maximum power. Because of its rapid absorption FrogFuel can be taken before, during, or after a workout and provides the optimum nutrition to exercise for sustained periods at peak performance.

FrogFuel Is ‘Pre-digested’
FrogFuel is pre-digested using papain (a fruit enzyme found in papayas). Papain breaks down the peptide bonds in the protein allowing for rapid delivery of nearly 100% protein at the cellular level. Faster absorption means better performance and quicker recovery.

FrogFuel Is a Pure Collagen Protein
Why Collagen?
Collagen is second only to water in terms of volume in the body.
Collagen is found in all of our connective tissues, such as bones, tendons, dermis and ligaments as well as cartilage, teeth and muscles.

Benefits of Collagen:
    Improved skin and Muscle Tone Increased joint Flexibility Healthier bones, Arteries, Hair, and Teeth

FrogFuel Has Taurine
A key ingredient in FrogFuel is taurine, which acts quickly to open cells for the protein to enter and rebuild muscles and aid in recovery. Taurine reduces oxidative stress under extreme physical exertion where lactic acid builds up in the muscle. Contrary to popular marketing campaigns taurine is not an energy enhancer.

FrogFuel Has Enhanced Aminos
Enhanced amount of Cysteine
    Assists in proper function of immune system Strong antioxidant properties Neutralizes toxins and deactivates free radicals.
Enhanced amount of Histidine
    Critical for blood hemoglobin Crucial in the production of red and white blood cells
Enhanced amount of Methionine
    Critical for maintaining hair, skin and nails Increases output of lecithin by liver, helping lower cholesterol

FrogFuel Energized Protein Has Caffeine
Caffeine does improve performance. Caffeine combined with our rapidly absorbed protein provides unparalleled support before and during exercise. Proteins form the body’s main structural elements and are found in every cell and tissue. Your body uses proteins to build and repair muscles, bone, connective tissue, skin, and virtually every other body part and tissue. Protein supplements is a necessity for those who desire to achieve the optimal performance to be one of the elite.

So before I even got the Frog Fuel in the mail to try I started checking them out online. I was initially impressed by their site that provides information on their company, product and describes several exercises to do. Their product and fitness videos are very well done and provide a good and motivational view of their product and overall philosophy of the company. Their company site is located here .

They also have a great app that I think is even better information wise. One of the main things I found was a lot of training tips for people. Some of their exercises or workouts are very impressive but not within the physical realm currently for me. But I can see the value in them and can see working towards them over time. The site I think is a good introduction to them, their product and a good resource.

The app is located here and includes the following.

• *What Is Your Fuel Level? QUIZ! *You know that unstoppable feeling you get 15 minutes into a workout? The adrenaline rush when you push through, dig deeper, touch the bottom of the ocean floor and reach the top of the mountain? Yeah, that’s your Fuel Level! Take the quiz to discover your Fuel Level!
• *7 Untouchable FrogFuel Workouts!* – Use these 7 amazing workouts to help you get mean & lean for the summer!
• *FrogFuel Fitspiration – *Stay motivated and share Fitspiration on your Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest! 

The FrogFuel app is pictured below but can be access here .

I tried the Frog fuel the other day before one of my training runs. I was happy to first notice that it was easy to go down and not at all thick like other products. The taste as well was much better than what I assumed it would be and found it one that I could deal with for the long haul. Overall it was a good boost for my training that morning and I felt more energized or fueled than I normally do with nothing before the run. I do like the make up of it and certainly the consistency. Most important it did not result in wither of the two issues I normally have with such products. I neither ended up with a headache from it or stomach issues. In my book that is a keeper.

I am happy to offer you a chance to try Frog Fuel as well. The company have been kind enough to a Frog Performance Tasting Pack to one lucky reader. As always I’ll make this very simple for everyone at the end of a long and busy week. Be the first person here in the US to ask for it and Tasting Pack is yours! You’ll receive in the pack 3 FrogFuel 1oz Protein Shots and a really cool Elite Status FrogFuel Sticker (included in giveaway tasting pack only). So who wants it? Be the first to email me at to claim it. Good luck everyone and thank you all at Frog Fuel for introducing me to a great new choice for my fueling needs. I can’t wait to try it in my races this fall.

7/12/13 - Update. We have a winner for the FrogFuel giveaway. Congrats to Patti Z of Greenville WI. Your FrogFuel Pack is on its way to you. Enjoy.
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