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Prepping For My First Triathlon

Posted Jul 26 2012 9:42pm

With everything going on lately, a certain race has definitely crept up on me. And I’m not talking about the Chicago marathon either. Tomorrow is my very first triathlon!! Marcus and I grabbed our race packets last night to avoid the big crowds tonight and tomorrow morning.


We presented our id’s and signed our lives away on the waiver. Then it was on to the next stop, our chips.


The race volunteer briefed us about where we put the strap, which goes on our left leg so it doesn’t get messed in with the bike gears. I’m glad she mentioned it, because I would have never even thought of it! After getting our chips, we had to get our swim caps.


For my age and gender, I was instructed to get a blue cap. Females ages 20-29 are all in the same swim wave, so our matching blue caps will ensure everyone is in the correct spot.


Last but not least, we grabbed our race numbers and additional information. There is a whole lot more that goes into a triathlon packet, compared to a standard running road race packet!


The number for the run, the bike, and the helmet, along with the swim cap, are all mandatory for the race! Now all I need is to get my body all marked up with my number on race morning, and ill be ready to race!


We have a wedding to go to tonight, so it is not exactly my standard pre-race ritual. I am drinking water like crazy, and eating well, so I have that part on lock. Now I just need to set out all of my clothes tonight, and I’ll be ready to go! I still can’t believe the triathlon is already here! Nerves are setting in! Wish me luck!

Chicago Marathon Start

I received an email last night highlighting the new protocol for the start of Chicago. In the past, they have had one start with multiple corrals. This year, they decided to make it more efficient by having 2 starts, with multiple corrals within those starts. I think it is a pretty awesome idea, and should really help to alleviate some of the congestion both at the start, and on the course. I’ll be in Wave 2, Corral C. Anyone else in that starting position too? Look up your corral if you aren’t sure!  Here are all of the details, straight from the source!

Did you get nervous before your first triathlon?! Or first race in general? Have any good tips for a first time triathlete?!

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