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Prepping for Day 1 of the Pure Barre Boston Spring Challenge

Posted Mar 31 2013 8:39am

I am so excited that the Pure Barre Boston spring challenge begins TOMORROW!

PBB Challenge

I’m a crazy person and want to attend all the 6 am classes during the week so that I can work later if need be or take care of other errands after work.  However, in order for me to actually be good about getting to this early class and not hit the snooze button, I have to make it a very seamless transition from bed to the public transportation to get to class.  To do this, I prepare everything for that morning the night before.  This consists of the following:

  1. Layout workout clothes
  2. Prepare my lunch and snacks for the day
  3. Pack my clothes for the work day (I usually double check these for fear that I’ll forget a key piece of my outfit!…my friend did forget her pants one day!)
  4. Bring a little travel bag with makeup

One of the things I love most about Pure Barre (PB) is that its a darn good workout but I also don’t sweat too much that I can get away without taking a shower for the work day.  I actually put on my makeup for the day before class so I really just have to rinse my face a little and put a little bit of my new fave fragrance on, the Fresh Brown Sugar rollerball .  I LOVE the rollerball because sometimes the spray bottles is a little too much for me.  I work in an open office and just want a subtle, refreshing scent that won’t bother my coworkers.  I’m not sure if this “no shower” after PB will still apply throughout the summer since some summer days are dreadfully hot and humid, but for now I have been pretty good.  Coworkers reading this…feel free to tell me if I stink and I’ll shower after class!

Once I get to the studio, I take off my shoes and store them underneath one of the benches and sign in to class.  PBB posted this picture on their Facebook page of Manny the dog to remind you to sign in!  Signing in is important because you want to be sure that you count your class towards your 20/30 challenge .  If you are a newbie, this is the time you might want to tell the person at the desk that you are new.  Even if you don’t, they will seek you out and give you a little intro to the studio and how the class will work.

PBB Sign In

After all signed in, I lock my bag in one of the lockers.  If I am not taking the first class of the day, I may have to wait for the current class to get out so I can take a locker one of the students are using.  Next, I grab weights, a resistance band and the Pure Barre ball.  In terms of weights, I would grab a set of the 2 pound weights to start.  Trust me-you don’t even understand how heavy those 2 pound weights will feel the first time you take this class!  As you progress, you might want to grab a set of the 2 and 3 pound and switch out for the heavier set for the arm portion of class that the instructor cues for heavier weights.

Once you have your equipment, head into the studio.  You may see mats in the studio, but don’t worry about grabbing one quite yet.  The instructor will bring those out when the time comes.  I’ll usually wrap my locker key around my water bottle that I bring into class, but you can also hang up your key on they key ring rack on the wall at the back of the room.  Find a place to sit and wait for class to begin.  You don’t have to be at the barre-anywhere will do because you begin with your warm up and move to some floor and arm work.  The instructor will let you know when you need to head to the barre.


It can be kind of intimidating going into a new class or new studio not knowing what to expect.  But the ladies at Pure Barre Boston make an effort to seek out the newbies in the classes and pay some extra attention to them to ensure that they are getting the moves down.   Kristina told me that some of the moves have changed up since I have last been to Pure Barre, so I’ll be right there with you other newbies learning these moves for the first time.  If you happen to be in a class with me, don’t be afraid to say hi!  We can station ourselves near each other and learn together because challenges are always easier if you have a buddy!

How are you preparing for your first day of the Pure Barre Boston spring challenge?

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