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Pregnant Seahorse

Posted Dec 24 2012 12:00am

I love that it looks like there is a pregnant seahorse right in the middle of my big, pregnant belly on my swimsuit.

Dave had today, Christmas Eve off.  I, unfortunately, had to work.  But since I only work part time, we had a few hours in the afternoon to run errands and hit the pool.  I haven't been to the pool in a few weeks and Dave hadn't been there in over a year.  I've gotten quite rounder in those three weeks.  This was going to be interesting.

The plan was to swim 3 X 500.  Dave's plan was to survive 1000 yards, somehow.  I pushed off first and it was barely 10 strokes in he was already passing me.  Good gosh.  I have slowed that much in the pool too?!  After a few laps I looked up and he was already resting on the wall and I was still going.  Sure, I may not have the speed right now, but I've still got some swim endurance.  By the time I reached 300 yards, I was feeling a little gassy and needed to stop before I threw up and then everyone would be done with their swim.  ;)  I did a few calculations in my head and decided to make it 5 X 300 instead.  The next set I would pull the 300.  300 came and went and I was feeling comfortable.  500 came and went.  Well, shoot, I might as well make it 800 yards at this point.  And then I took a break again.  Dave said he was done.  I still had 400 yards left.  I did these regular stroke with kick.  It always feel so funny to go back to kicking after using the pull buoy.  It feels even weirder when you're pregnant because it's hard enough to keep your butt and feet up when your belly is pulling you down. 

And then I was finished.  Dave said he was impressed with how consistent I was in the pool.  Running is virtually non-existent at this point, so I need to make a more conscious effort to get my buns to the pool and continue to work out and be consistent.  Summer races are looming!!!

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