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Pregnancy Workout Challenge

Posted Oct 16 2012 12:00am
This week marks my 16th week of pregnancy.  I am feeling great, gaining very little weight, and only showing a little.  With that, I've still been able to exercise pretty well.  I remarked to Dave this week that I think I could realistically make it to my 20th week still exercising and that I hope to ultimately make it to 30 or beyond.  With four weeks to go until the halfway mark, I am giving myself a little challenge.  I would like to work out every day, in some capacity, until I hit the 20 week mark, starting yesterday.  Now, these workouts aren't exactly the same as when I challenged myself to run every day for a month .  These workouts will take the shape of jogging or walking or spinning or elliptical or swimming.  I just want to keep moving.  I know that continuing with working out will, potentially, make labor easier, is healthy for the baby, and will keep any extra weight that is not associated with baby off.  If need be, however, there will be exceptions.  If the doctor says no more working out, then obviously the challenge is over.  If I'm sick or something seems to be going wrong, then I'll stop.  And although I will try to push past the tiredness, if it's just too much to overcome, then screw it, I'm going to take a nap instead.

I hope to post weekly updates of the workouts done.  Challenge accepted!!!
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