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Pre-Weekend Ramblings

Posted Mar 31 2011 12:00am

This probably shouldn’t surprise me, but I have to confess to still being a little bit mentally discombobulated after last weekend’s race . I had originally planned a product review for today, but didn’t set aside quite enough time to roll it out – so that one’s on deck for next Monday. In the meantime, I’m throwing a handful of updates and bullet points up against the wall, in hopes that something will stick for long enough to be of interest to somebody. Sometimes that’s the best you can hope for.

* The first point is a quickie: if you haven’t done so already, you’ve still got one day left to enter my Rokit Fuel giveaway contest . I’ll announce the winners over the weekend.

* The Charlie Engle media blitz has shifted into high gear this week, with a feature-length article in the May 2011 issue of Trail Runner magazine that will probably stand as the most comprehensive account of Charlie’s background and the convoluted circumstances that led to his recent felony convictions. Regarding the legal issues, the Trail Runner piece echoes that of a recent New York Times article which questions the logic of the government flexing its muscles to put Charlie in jail while simultaneously allowing far more egregious financial criminals to walk away unscathed. I’ve updated my original Monterey Herald post about Charlie to include both of these recent pieces.

I can’t say that I’m ready to completely exonerate Charlie; both of the recent articles relied heavily on information provided by Charlie and his family, and I still suspect there may be some details of the case that prosecutors haven’t shared publicly. It’s hard for me to believe that somebody can be tried and convicted on 12 separate felony counts without at least doing something questionable enough to warrant investigation. But crazier things have happened, I suppose. I will say that the whole affair is one of the most intriguing sagas I’ve heard this year, and the Trail Runner piece should be required reading for anyone who’s even remotely following the case. Unfortunately, it’s not available online, so you’ll have to look for the magazine on newsstands.

* A couple of months ago I plugged Merrell’s barefoot running education page , and applauded it for providing training advice and a guided activity progression for those who were new to minimalist running. In that same piece I mentioned that VIVOBAREFOOT had some basic instruction from famed barefoot coach Lee Saxby – and now that company has completely raised its game to create perhaps the most comprehensive barefoot running guide available online.


Earlier this week the company released Proprioception: Making Sense Of Barefoot Running , featuring forewords from Christopher McDougall and Daniel Lieberman, along with some cool illustrations that help bring the concepts to life. It’s basically a step-by-step guide to starting barefoot activity, reducing your risk of injury, and improving your awareness of the innate skill of running. Even though I’ve been running barefoot for a couple of years now, there were still plenty of items in the book that I found new or interesting, so it’s definitely not just for newbies. The best part is, it’s absolutely free – so check the link above and download your own copy.

* Finally, there’s this: like many other people, I sometimes get caught up in the goofy little game of typing a single word into Google to see what suggestions populate the drop-down bar. Apparently it’s designed to anticipate your next keystrokes, based on the number of people who have started their own searches with that same word. Or something like that.

Anyway, the reason I mention this is because I typed in the words "running and" the other day, and was a bit perplexed about one of the entries above my own website
(click to enlarge)

Obviously, the top three make sense as being popular search topics. But … running and howling? I’m totally curious as to what I’m missing there. It kind of sounds like something the paleo workout folks would practice, or maybe something that drunk fraternity guys do en route to crashing a sorority party across campus. Or maybe there’s a running blogger who’s also a werewolf? The mind wonders.

I stopped short of actually continuing my Google search on running and howling, thus restraining myself from exploring that particular cyber road – but if anyone out there has some first-hand experience to tell me what's happening, I’d love to hear it.

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