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Prayers for Morgan

Posted Nov 29 2012 9:18am
Happy to add an early update from Morgan's Dad---See Below in Pink-----

Last week was Thanksgiving, a time for us all to dwell a little more on all of the blessings that have been bestowed upon us. I try to give thanks to God for my abundance of blessings, not just at Thanksgiving, but everyday. Today as I was running, I had time to reflect on some things in my life that I am so grateful for. Having healthy children was at the top of that list. Since I became involved with The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp, I have come to know so many people who are dealing with very sick children, and I am amazed by how some of these people seem so very grateful, even in light of some very serious health issues they are dealing with.

Today my thoughts were on the 11 year old daughter of a running friend. Although I have never actually MET this friend or her daughter, because they are "cyber friends" that I have come to know through a running forum, my heart aches for Morgan and her entire family. Morgan is 11 years old and has been fighting for her life in a children's hospital. She contracted e-coli, and her kidneys have ceased to function. 

Morgan's Dad has been keeping her real life friends, as well as her, forum friends updated on her progress, via a blog. Below are a few bits of info that her Dad posted in the past couple of days. I only put bits of what has been written, and I haven't included the parents names, because I don't want to put anything online that they wouldn't want made public.

Wednesday night-Still some spikes of fever but all possible sources of infection have been removed. Now to let the antibiotics finish the job. Tomorrow is the big day. The day we need everyone involved. We get the "permanent" port for dialysis installed about noon. This is OR surgery. From there right to dialysis. The next few da
ys will be critical. Still waiting on kidneys. They are showing signs of trying. This is a slow, steady climb. A Marathon, not a sprint. (For all the runners)
Tuesday-Her Mom and I are completely overwhelmed by the love, support and concern shown by our friends and family. I want you all to know that I read every one of your comments. "like" is our way of saying thank you.Today was a good day in relative terms. We're still in ICU but echo-gram indicates no additional fluid since it was drained yesterday. Antibiotics continue for infection destruction. Once that's done a new dialysis port can be installed to continue healing help. This is a procedure done in the O.R. So you can see still very deep in the woods. The overwhelming abdominal pain has subsided and I actually got a smile today.
Monday- We had a set back today as a CT scan showed water around her heart making it work double hard. We're back in ICU after a procedure to go in and remove the fluid with a "tube". She, at this moment, is sleeping off the dope while getting platelets so when they remove the dialysis port that is the source of infection the blood will clot. Wha
t else can go wrong, you ask? Plenty. I don't have the space to talk about all. Thanks to everyone again. This "blog" is almost like therapy. I have so many to thank so much. I really need my baby to catch a break! There's more happening tomorrow. I'll keep the updates coming as possible, just so much today. Love to everyone from my family and me. You all help keep me strong.
Please say a prayer for Morgan today, as well as her parents, who just need to stay strong and wait for their little girl to be healed. I pray that the surgery goes well and that this child will soon be healed, and able to focus on fun things, like CHRISTMAS.....and not on her pain.

EARLY UPDATE!!!  We are happy to say that our Morgan came out of surgery with no issues. The docs can see in her all the things you've all been saying; great, beautiful and tough. So proud of my girl. She's receiving dialysis at this moment even while shaking out the cob webs. She's asked for a cheeseburger. Can't wait to buy her that cheeseburger.I want you all to know how comforting it was/is that you expressed your well wishes, prayers and care to my Morgan and my family. Truly humbling. Thank you all. It helped us get through.I hoping this is the peak of that big hill and things will start to get easier. The next few days will tell the tale. Stay tuned. Hopefully in a few hrs I'll have more good news.

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