I need all of you to do one thing for me today:  pray for my grandfather.  While going up the stairs to bed last night, he got right to the top step and his foot slipped.  He slid all the way down to the bottom of the stairs and landed facing the ground.  He was rushed to the hospital and doctors have said he has broken two bones in his neck and has some bleeding in his head, causing pressure to his brain.  He is wearing a neck brace and is conscious and looks like he is going to recover well.  Though bruised and currently immobile, my nonno (“grandfather” in Italian) is a warrior.  He will get through this, I know it!!!

Be strong, nonno!!!
My aunt, Pina, has been a trooper.  She went to the hospital with him last night when it happened, around 11:00pm and stated with him until about 6:30pm this evening on NO SLEEP.  My uncle Frank was just as amazing.  He was there last night as well, left at 5:00am this morning and then went to WORK.  Introducing the most awesome aunt and uncle you will ever meet.
Yes, I know, her dress is beautiful.  I hope she doesn’t kill me when she sees that I posted a picture of her.  I think this she likes this one so I should be in the clear.  She stalks my blog until the early hours of the morning when she’s not baking pizzas or cookies.  If you ever need the most delicious treats ever made, give her a shout because she will drop and go.  He tollhouse cookies are pretty much what have made me stray from being 100% vegan over the Holidays.  It’s over now though so she can send them to my non-vegan followers now!
So please pray for my family, beautiful followers!!!  I love you all :)