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Post Marathon Recovery Phases: R ...

Posted Jun 13 2009 12:00am

Post Marathon Recovery Phases: Recovery, Resolve, Redemption, Revenge

Phase 1- Taking a damn well deserved break on the couch -Immediately upon coming home from a marathon, I zonk on the couch and don't move except to go get a beer, pick up the phone, continue with my diarrhea travails, or take a stretch break so I don't turn into a post marathon corpse. I'm not a sit around kind of person. I'm much too ADHD for that, so unless I'm zoned out on the computer, I'm buzzing around the house trying to keep the plates spinning. My sweet husband helps around the house when requested, but his standards for cleanliness and decluttered living are fatally lacking. Most of the time when I'm not running, or working, I'm picking up his crap or the kids crap. I'm like a circling shark. But on marathon day; I think I need a break, right? It also serves the convenient purpose of making my husband not take me for granted, because when he suddenly has to step in my shoes, he realizes how much it sucks to be me and how his life would suffer immeasurably in my absence. I laid on the couch, a self-satisfied smirk on my face, as I watched him unload dozens of bags from a hell-trip to Wal-Mart. I complain incessantly about shopping at Wal-Mart, but stifle them, because they've got me by the pocket-book. My husband suddenly commiserates, now that he had to deal with rude cranky fat Wal-Mart ladies. He looks frustrated and exhausted from just one afternoon in my shoes. This is reason enough to keep running marathons, so I start planning my next one.

Phase 2- The day after. Lactic acid has built up and I'm sore. But this was manageable soreness; more like what I get from a Sean beating at the Lab. I've run marathons where my quads were so sore to the touch that my husband could feel heat radiating off my thighs while we laid together in bed. I like being called a hot woman, but not literally! This time, however, I can still do stairs! I take this as major marathon recovery improvement. I didn't jerk all over the bed in spastic neuron mis-firings from addled muscles. I actually slept pretty good which is a first for me post marathon. I got on the treadmill to walk a little, in an effort to get the blood flowing and start the healing process. I tried to leap into a slow jog, but thought better of wasn't pretty.

Phase 3- Post Marathon Blues. I'm feeling much better, but still sore. I'm walking normally. I love my job, but today I was sullen and bored. Everything irritated me. My supervisor's messy desk was getting on my nerves, but I resisted straightening it out.

I know a good run can clear this kind of mental fog, but I'm still too sore to run. My hip flexors took a pretty good beating in this race. I'll see what Sean can do tonight to get me back to normal. I start having doubts about doing these kinds of distances. The highs and lows of marathons are almost too much for me at times. Marathons are extreme and I'm striving for a balanced life.
Back on the homefront, my marathon holiday card played, I'm back to the circling shark routine, navigating the house picking up people's stuff. Maybe I should start doing marathon destination races! Then I'd get more than one lousy afternoon on the couch! Hmmmm.....I'll have to think about this...

Phase 4- Revenge on the bird -I grew up watching Looney Tunes. I loved Wile E. Coyote and wanted nothing more than him to eat that conniving sneaky bird. It's ironic that all grown up, I feel like Wile E. and I are kindred spirits, ineffectual predators, foiled by the bird every time. But what I really liked about Wile E. was his tenacity--how he never stopped trying different tactics to get his bird.
I had a wonderful run on the treadmill this morning. The bird slipped away yet again, but he didn't drive me off a cliff this time. I feel strong as ever. Planning for the Road Runner Akron Marathon 2008 starts right now. Excuse me...but I've got some stuff I need to get at Acme....
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