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Post-Holiday Running Restart

Posted Jan 14 2013 9:46pm

Thank you all so much for your kind and thoughtful words on yesterday’s post. I didn’t even begin to cover all the other stereotypes, but I know they’re out there; these incorrect assumptions aren’t limited to Midwesterners. I appreciate you taking the time to read and reflect, and I hope none of you ever have to hear hurtful statements about yourself or where you come from! Or at the least, I hope you have the strength to look past those hurtful words.

I tend to write a lot of blog posts in my head when I’m running, and yesterday’s post was no exception. I definitely got all worked up on my 7 mile run! Good thing I was distracted:

Hello, hill.

Hello, hill.

I need a serious playlist or an intense internal debate to tackle these types of obstacles. Instead of avoiding the hill, I decided to take it head on. My splits took a 2 minute hit (literally. It was sad.), but that’s okay. I think I finally learned how to run a hill properly – slow and steady. I made it to the top and didn’t feel like dying. Win!

I was also super excited about my outfit and my new Lululemon vest that I got for Christmas. Best. Thing. Ever.

I was also super excited about my outfit and the new Lululemon vest that I got for Christmas. Best. Thing. Ever. Thanks Mom & Dad!

Sidenote: it’s amazing what having a pocket to put your phone in will do for your running. I love to run with music but usually keep my iPhone in my hand. Putting it in my vest pocket changed my life. (Yes, changed my life.)

To be honest, I actually hadn’t realized how close the New York City Half is until I read Katie’s post.  It was only then that I sort of freaked out that it’s less than 12 weeks away. If I want to PR (I do) then I need to get in gear! I’ve been running and doing speedwork, but haven’t been following a specific training plan- I’ve just been focused on keeping my fitness up and doing whatever I feel like (but keeping a good mix of swimming, spinning, running, and strength) before Ironman training officially starts. I’ve been waiting impatiently for my training plan from my coach so I can figure out how to PR in the NYC Half amidst IM training…but I think it’s feasible since it will still be early on in the season.

So, off I went on a foggy Sunday.

Tip: Condensation makes your mascara run and you scare children.

Note to self: Condensation in the air makes your mascara run down your face and you scare children.

While this run wasn’t much to write home about, I enjoyed it, I felt strong, and it served as my official post-holiday restart toward a sub-2 NYC Half. I MUST ACCOMPLISH THIS GOAL. And I will not let the fact that I just learned about my good friends’ joint birthday celebration the night before deter me. (When party plans come up sometimes I secretly want to throw my running aspirations out the window. Shhh.) Even though I want to go crazy and celebrate with some of my favorite people on March 16th, I’ve had this planned for weeks and I must remember my goals and all the hard work I’ve put in to get as far as I have. (I’ve cut about 35 minutes from my very first half marathon time! Not to mention the 4 races I ran to get automatic entry into this race.) I can still have fun and will certainly find a way to celebrate  and spend time with them, perhaps post-race!

So here we go. If anyone has a sub-2 half plan (with paces) that they would like to share, please let me know!

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