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Politics FREE: Election Day Pride

Posted Nov 07 2012 5:30am

The day after ‘ Election Day
100% Politics aside, I wanted to take a moment to appreciate this day.

I (like to) believe that most American’s can recall exactly where they were each time they found out who won a Presidential Election since they were in grade school. Perhaps not off the top of your head. But it’s a memory that is unfolded every morning the day after a Presidential election.

I remember my mother waking me up out of bed, dancing and celebration when Bill Clinton became the 42nd President of the United State of America . I remember begging her to stay up and being exhausted in school the next morning when he won his second term.

I remember the exact words that came out of my mouth both times George W. Bush won in 2000 and 2004.

I remember standing in line to vote for the very first time I was over 18 during an election. Going inside the voting booth and just being completely overwhelmed.  (It has since become a much more enjoyable experience, I assure you.)

We live in a country where we can vote! 

Many people across the world do not have the luxury of having a voice! We have the right, and thus the obligation to make sure that we, the people, are heard! Whether you voted for Obama or Romney , a 3rd party candidate, or stayed home and played Halo 4 … Today is a day to be thankful that we have the chance to be heard. We have the opportunity to go out there and put our share in the turnout. We live in a Nation that allows us the freedom to have any opinion you want. Republican. Democrat. Green. Libertarian. You name it! You can go out and vote for any of them and not meet any deadly repercussions.

I don’t enjoy this day just because of the privilege we have to vote, but also because it symbolizes this country we live in. (I’m a sucker for symbolism) The place we call home. Elections are a beacon of hope, and progression. Taking two steps forward, regardless of what path we choose.

Not only is that a huge metaphor for how I live my life, but a huge one for how we as a country have always made it through the storm. How we keep moving forward. We keep putting one foot in front of the other, even when we’re terrified of what may come darting at us around the corner. We move forward. Together. 

Regardless of who wins any presidential election, it is always important to be thankful that what we want to see as a nation is within our reach to make happen.

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