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Playlist Thursday: POP. POP. POP MUSIC

Posted Aug 08 2012 11:08pm

Happy Thursday y’all! Do you know what that means? Well, yes… Tomorrow is Friday — but more importantly. ITS PLAYLIST THURSDAY!!

New to Playlist Thursdays? Here’s how it works: Every week Pavement Runner has a new theme for us all to dig out our playlists and post three songs that represent the theme. Something Old. Something Current. and Something to Consider.

This weeks theme? POP MUSIC

You know it’s on your playlist, don’t try to hide it. Pop songs that make an appearance on your playlist. Don’t be shy, share em if ya got em! I bet you aren’t the only one that turns the radio up when it comes on.

Something Old: “ MMMBop ” by The Hanson Brothers – Don’t even try to deny it. Every time this song comes on, everyone in America sings along to it. Don’t try to pretend otherwise! I have no problem calling you out ;) haha! Admittedly, I was madly in love with Taylor when I was in… what?… 2nd grade? Haha. Quite possibly my first crush, ever! ;) It was also my first CD . Yep, that’s right. MMMBop was my first ever actual CD! HOLLLAAA. Guess what y’all… this song is still on my playlist. I bust out singing every time it comes on while I’m running as well. :P “Mmmbop, ba duba dop, Ba du bop, ba duba dop du.. Ya yaaaaa”

Something Current: “ Feel So Close “ by Calvin Harris – I had actually never heard this song until the Oakley Perform Beautifully event in Napa in June. The incredible videographer that put together our recap video used the song for the background music to the video, and I’ve been hooked ever since. I’m not sure if its the song, or if it reminds me of such an inspirational weekend.. But whatever it is, it gets me running FAST when it comes on! “And There’s No Stopping Us Right Now. I Feel So Close To You Right Now

Something To Consider: okay I’m going on a stretch here…. Pop music is dubbed “pop” because its short for POPULAR, so it’s hard to find a pop song everyone hasn’t heard at least once in their life time… So, for something to Consider.. I’m recommending everybody add “ Losing My Religion ” by R.E.M. to their running playlist! Great for a cool down, recovery run, or consistant pace. “Consider this, the slip that brought me to my knees, failed. What if all these fantasies come flailing aground. Now I’ve said too much”

So, we all listen to them. SPILL IT! What are your favorite pop songs? ;)

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