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Playing Mind Games

Posted Jan 27 2012 2:39pm

So my mind might be wreaking havoc on my training! Over the last week of marathon training I have come to realize that the idea of training/racing being 90% mental is so beyond true. I  did a 3 mile indoor run (icky but when it’s dark I won’t run alone) on Monday. I felt great that day and also ran at a faster speed than ever before. I have this funny thing that I do where I set a time goal and I will not let myself walk until I reach that goal. Well that Monday night was different, I actually ran 2 miles straight and 1 of those miles was at 5mph. Normally I am running anywhere between 4.5-4.8. I always have this thing stuck in my head that 5 is just too fast right now and how I won’t be able to last more than a couple of minutes. Let me just say that I lasted 20 minutes!! That is sooo huge for me! It was then that I had my “light bulb moment”. It was like someone just inserted all this information into my brain and I finally understood how much my mind can control my progress. I am now learning to push myself a little harder.

Last night I ran 3 miles at the gym and just wasn’t feeling it. I started thinking about that Monday run and how my mind seemed to tell me I was more tired than what I actually was. For me it seems that I don’t have the confidence in my body to keep running, even though I have run 4 half marathons there still seems to be doubt. I think it is a newbie runner thing. I know how strong my body can be from lifting weights and being in the gym but running races is a whole different game. So I kept having to play those mind games and telling myself how strong I really am to finish. And it Worked!! The best part is that I finished faster than any other run!!

 Do you play mind games with yourself when you are slowing down?

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Live. Move. Be Fit

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