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Plan B

Posted Oct 11 2012 12:30pm

Post image for Plan B

How can my life be so dull, yet the days go so fast? I think I need a hobby. Oh wait! I HAVE a hobby! I just can’t DO it right now! But seriously, this week is just flying. I really do keep fairly busy in all honesty. Every day, Dan and I walk 4+ miles. Yesterday, I got out for a one and a half mile run on top of our 4+ miles walking. Unfortunately, I woke up and my shin hurt. It wasn’t not horrible, but it’s discouraging nonetheless.

Ironically (maybe?), posted an article entitled “ 7 Secrets to Finding a Running Coach “. I’ve been thinking for awhile now about finding someone to help me get past the injuries. I’m sure my form leaves much to be desired, and maybe working with a coach for a little while would be beneficial. So I found a listing of three coaches in my area at RRCA and emailed all of them this morning. Here’s hoping that SOMEONE will be brave enough to take me on! Coaching is my Plan B. Plan A was to just run. Plan B is to get help.

I also saw THIS video last night about shin splint treatment and prevention. Irony again? I think not. I know I could be a decent runner if I could just get past the injuries. There has to be a way.

On a totally unrealted note, my class starts today. I guess that means that I need to start working. I just want to know why academic books have to be so dull. Couldn’t they possibly write them more like romance novels? They would be so much easier to get through if that was the case.

Today is body pump day. I actually look really forward to working out now that we have weights downstairs. I don’t mind the gym once I get there, but it’s nice to not have to wait in lines, and not having to go out in the cold is a double score. I think we will probably go to the gym on Sunday, though; just to get a full body boost in. It is pretty dead there on Sundays.

My plan for running is to attempt two miles on Saturday. I know–I’ve been saying that for a couple of weeks now, but I just keep hoping that I’ll wake up pain free and be able to get back on a schedule. I totally wouldn’t mind running with pain if I knew I wasn’t going to make the injury worse. But I just don’t know, so I err on the side of caution.

Sunday I’m scheduled to run five miles, but more and more it’s looking like I’ll be walking it, which is sad, but I’ll live. Afterward, we get to walk around the zoo a bit, so it should be a fun day. And the walk should be lovely. As you can see from the photo above, autumn is in full swing here now. This is a tree down the street from where I live. I took this picture a couple of days ago. Almost all the leaves are on the ground now. Fall doesn’t last long enough!

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