This was a BAD week in terms of exercise.  I took 3 DAYS OFF.  Unheard of.  But you know what?  I think we need that sometimes!  So what have I done with all my spare time?  I have PINNED.  Um, have all of you guys created a Pinterest account?  It’s just another way for us to waste time on the internet.  Perfect.  If you don’t know what it is, Pinterest is a fancy little place where you can create your own virtual pin board.  Inspirational pictures, food that makes you drool, outfits you love, etc.  I thought it would be silly but it is so dang addictive.

Here are a few of the boards I have created thus far.  I just got started so I have lots to do and learn!



.:Fall Fashion:.

You can click on my “boards” to expand them if you want…I just had to take a screen shot in this size so that they would fit :)

You can create all kinds of boards – whatever theme you want!  You can brows other people’s pictures and re-pin them on your board, but you can also pin whatever other images you come across the internet.  It’s really awesome if you’re looking for recipe ideas, decorating, crafts, or even for a little inspiration!  Fun times.

If you have Pinterest and would like to join my other (two) followers, just click on the “Follow me on Pinterest” button located on my left sidebar!

Congrats to everyone who raced today and good luck to those racing tomorrow!  I’m going to try and sneak into the Scotiabank Marathon and run a few miles with the crowd, cheer on some friends and hopefully see some fellow bloggers!

Who raced/is racing this weekend?

Do you have Pinterest?