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Posted Nov 19 2010 12:00am

I do not exactly like the color pink. I’m not opposed to it but it does not fall anywhere on my “favorite colors” list – not even on the bottom. I’m not a big fan.

Had you seen me this morning in spin class you would feel compelled to call me a liar. I didn’t notice this as I was getting dressed (shush, it was dark and it is just spin…) but when I threw all my sweaty, gross clothes in a pile in the locker room I noticed…

I wore a dark pink sports bra, a bright pink tank top, a bright pink long sleeve shirt and t-shirt with pink ribbons on it….oh, and pink socks. Also, notice the pink handled brush off to the side.

I swear I do not like pink! I think I need to change up my wardrobe…

Oh, but this gets even more contradictory…after my shower I pulled out the clothes I had packed for the day. You guessed it…MORE PINK!

What the frick?!

…none of my undergarments are pink…I triple checked!

I think my subconscious is messing with my image! I am going to have to go on a pink-hiatus after today!

I’m now headed down to Iowa for the Living History Farms Cross Country race in Des Moines. Whoo hoo! I’m so super pumped for a 7 mile race that involves river crossings in 30-40 degree weather…so fun!

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