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Posted Feb 18 2011 12:00am
Guess what?!

No, really…guess…

I have all kinds of exciting news, you’ll eventually get it right…maybe…

Fine, give up. I’m excited enough that I’ll just ignore your lack of enthusiasm and tell you. I’m a like that.

[and by "nice person" I just might mean "spaztastic crazy woman"...your interpret that how you want to...]

Basically, my entire week has been a full of complete and utter awesomeness. Really, it has. Mostly because I’m in an awesome mood and focusing on ONLY  the awesomesauce parts of my week…makes me forget the work drama and other crap that went down.

So, you want to hear (er…read) why I am all crazy woman excited?! I’ll make you a list…but really, my OCD needs to get out, just a little!

1. I got my game on Wednesday night and rocked on my 4 mile run…an average pace of 8:43 . Shazam!

2. When I finally made it home on Wednesday night the prize from the Tomato Bowl was sitting on my door step – who doesn’t love free stuff…all I had to do was cook with tomatoes all week long!


3. Thursday morning I headed outside for my weekly “long run”. I was still on a bit of a runner’s high from my bomb-diggity run on Wednesday night so I was ready for this! I might not have made it 11 miles (I ran out of time, honestly!) but I got in a very respectable 9 miles with an average pace of 9:26 . I probably could have been faster but two huge hills killed me. Whatever, I’m pumped about that pace and distance!

4. This morning I poked, prodded and squeaked at Chris until he got his butt out of bed…and then I whined until he agreed to go to spin class with me! Yes…Chris went to spin class with me! He has been talking about it for a while but has never come with. Last night. It took some work to get him out of bed but in the end I succeeded…he survived a 45 minute indoor cycling class and wasn’t ornery afterward! I’m not sure if he will ever tag along again (or start going on his own!) but I’m happy I at least got him to experience it!

5. NEW SHOES! Yes. A package showed up at work today…new shoes! I have had my blue Mizuno Wave Rider 13′s for almost a year. My legs haven’t  been hurting but I do not want to try out the 14′s (2011 model) and it was getting harder and harder to find 13′s online so I bit the bullet and bought a pair. I managed to find a purple/orange pair so I’ll at least be able to tell the difference between the new and old (unlike my Saucony Rides which are both blue…).

DSC03030 DSC03032

6. I also got new socks…! I don’t exactly need new socks but they are $12 socks that I paid about $3 for. You see, I bought my shoes from and they had free shipping for purchases over $64.95. My shoes were only $58.95 (awesome deal, btw, regular price is about $98!) so I had to pay shipping…until I threw in the socks (on sale for $9!).

DSC03005 DSC03007

Sniffy McSnifferson…aka Frederick the Cat!


Yes…my legs are that dark.
Naw – I’m still wearing my tights from work!

7. My mommy is coming to visit on Sunday! She will only get her oil changed at the Toyota dealership in EC (probably because she loves to come visit me…) and she is due for one. She will be wandering on over (2 hr drive for her…1.5 hr drive for me…she is almost elderly and has to drive slower and such…) Sunday night, taking us out to dinner (squee!) and then watching Notting Hill with me (she doesn’t know this yet…). Oh, and yes, every one of those parenthetical blurbs were necessary!


Super Excited Crazy Woman!
With only one leg…I’m skilled!

A pretty awesome week don’t you think? Heck, that is only half a week since my giddy insanity started on Wednesday night! I better not have used up all of my cool person karma…I’d like to have a crazy awesome week next week to – tyvm!

Oh, and I would also like to add that after work today Chris called me. After the normal “how was your day” stuff he said…and I quote…“I’m glad you made me spin this morning, there is no way I would have gone for a bike ride tonight…it is too cold!”. Oh yes, he said that…granted it might be more of a paraphrase but you get the gist! Can I give myself awesome wife points?!


31days:31outfits…Day 25

- brown tights (x2)
- jean skirt (Old Navy)
- brown tank (Vanity)
- flowery top (JetSet? from Shopko)
- brown flats (American Eagle)

I am pretty sure this shirt is going to head into the donation pile. My massive biceps (psht, no…but thanks NROFLW for trying…) just don’t fit into the sleeves properly!

DSC03023 DSC03019

Of course I don’t walk around in a flex but the sleeves were pretty annoying all day – just moving my arms around makes them cut into my arm. I’ve only worn this shirt a few times but it was only $3 at Shopko so I suppose I can part with it!

And now that I have shown you all of the awesome things about life I’d like to share another blog with you. If you are a WordPress blogger you may have already seen this on the front page but I just had to share. If you are looking for some teary eyed inspiration check out this blog – Mike & Ollie .

It is a blog about the first few months of the lives of twins born at 24 weeks…19 years ago. They beat the odds and are now high school graduates. From the beginning their mother kept a detailed journal of their journey – she is now putting it all into blog from, one day at a time!

I haven’t read much as I was at work when I found it and didn’t want reality and life to smash me in the face when I had 4 more hours of cheery phone conversations waiting for me!

How awesomesauce was your week? If it sucked then try really hard to find one good happening to flaunt to the world! Well, I kind of already flaunted my awesome week so now it is your turn!

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