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Pesky Resolutions

Posted Jan 13 2011 10:16am
We are still withing the first two weeks of January, so I think I am still in time for my resolutions. I had some last year and one was to pack lighter. Then we showed up in the airport with 8 bags (including carry ons) coming back from Christmas and I realized I should have a do over on that one. So here goes - the 2011 resolutions.
1) Finish and Ironman - I have been training for this one for a while, so I figure I should make it an actual resolution. The only challenge will be the bike. Which brings me to #2
2) Get better on the bike. I got a power tap that Chris is going to attempt to set up this weekend so hopefully that will help. It is my mission to improve
3) PR a marathon - this shouldnt be too hard since my last one was a disaster. I think I can even PR in the ironman - it was that slow.
4) With the engagement I figure I need to start being more wifey (as Beth says). Even if it is for my own health. If Chris leaves town for even a weekend I am stuck eating cereal and tuna fish. I can cook, Im just lazy, and I need to become unlazy in 2011.
5) And finally pack light*. If at first you dont succeed right?

I may add one or two more in there before the 15th, but so far this is the list. Hopefully I can check them all off at the end of the year!

*I will pack light going to the US, coming home is a different story since we always import all of the basic necessities (like velveeta for queso -DUH).
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