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People must think I’m weird…

Posted Jun 22 2013 12:56am

I haven’t done one of these search engine posts in awhile so I thought I’d brighten your saturday with some of the strangest searches people have done to find my blog. You might decide I’m too much for you after this…

“eating ice cream in rocking chair” …if I can do this when I’m 80 I’ll be the happiest grandma alive
“grandma 71″… on that note…
“old lady who is picky what do we do with her when we are on vacation”… this is getting embarrassing
“any girls wanna snapchat”… not with you, no.
“used to make out with this intern in my lab evry night, confession”… ummm thanks for sharing?
“snapchat alex katzen”… watch out Alex … you’re getting stalked!
“cookie cake with marshmallows”… someone knows me way too well. But whoever you are, I love you.
“teen leg selfies”…I’m sorry but no.
“can picky eaters run marathons”… I hope so!
“i am a cross country runner who pees when i drink too much water”… I get up every hour to pee at work. It’s fine.
“luke jogged a total of 56.5 miles last week.”… good for you, Luke.
“is it lame to wear neon running clothes”... yes.
“my aunts heel disapeared into my belly”… that doesn’t sound natural. Or healthy.
“teen boy selfies”…well this is awkward. I now remind people of teen boys.
“i hate it when i’m making a milkshake shirt”… That sounds like a good idea to me!
“cops pulling people over”… I’ve never been pulled over, thank you.
“boys+pee+at+the+beach”… why is everyone obsessed with me and peeing?!
“middle school prom”… do these exist? I didn’t even go to my junior prom.
As you can see, I have quite an eclectic audience I guess. I wonder what that means for me…
Happy Saturday, everyone! I’m off to Boston for a girls day with my mom!
What’s the weirdest search term you’ve ever gotten?

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